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New Pool/Spa Safety Law: What You Need to Know Right Now Starting December 20, 2008, it will be against federal law to make or sell submerged suction outlet (drain) covers that do not comply with the new 2007 ASME/ANSI drain cover standard. By that same date, every drain in every public pool and spa must have covers in place that meet this new standard. THE FEDERAL MANDATES There are three critical mandates in the act that will be enforced as federal law starting December 20, 2008. First, Section 1404 (b) requires that all suction outlet covers made, sold or otherwise introduced into the stream of commerce comply with the ASME/ANSI A112.19.8 2007 standard. This provision is defined as a “Consumer Product Safety Rule,” meaning that the issue has been preempted. Hence, under the Consumer Product Safety Act, any potentially conflicting state provision is preempted and invalid. For example, the portion of the International Residential and International Building Codes that allow non-complaint covers on larger drains will no longer be valid. In a recent Staff Interpretation, the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC), which is The reason is that on December 19, 2007 President Bush signed into law the first federal legislation pertaining to pool and spa safety. The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act is named for the granddaughter of former Secretary of State, James Baker, who died when she was entrapped on a single unprotected drain in a permanent residential spa. The act, which was supported by the industry, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) and the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA), is intended to reduce drowning and entrapment injuries. It is divided into two sections: a series of federal mandates pertaining to drain covers in public facilities; and a grant program designed to incentivize states to adopt further protections for residential pools and spas. 10

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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008
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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008