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Worried About the 2009 Market? Buyers Will Respond to Exceptional Value An eternal optimist, I counsel clients to look for the silver lining in the doom and gloom that fills our daily newspapers and morning and evening news broadcasts. Despite the current economic woes, the United States remains the wealthiest country in the world, boasting a $14 trillion annual economy. Contrary to popular belief, the wealthy are still buying expensive homes, swimming pools, luxury cars, boats and a gazillion other things. One could easily argue that higher energy prices have not only kept consumers closer to home this summer, they’ve also created an even greater focus on the backyard. Value can mean better design (as evidenced by national and regional design awards) made more “real” through the use of 3-D software that creates customized drawings tailored to the design tastes and backyard living space of the prospect. It can mean better workmanship, the result of stricter hiring practices, a better trained workforce, the use of in-house work crews as opposed to sub-contactors or more hands-on, on-site supervision by more experienced, highly qualified job superintendents. It can include more extras like energy-efficient, variable speed pumps, time-saving automatic pool cleaners, water purification systems, rock formations or water features as standard equipment on every pool. NEW POOL AND SPA OPPORTUNITIES While there may be fewer new swimming pool and spa buyers, there are still buyers wanting to do business with companies that offer exceptional value. And value does not have to translate into cheaper prices. If it did, Hyundais would be the only vehicles rolling off car dealer lots. 14

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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008
The President’s Message
New Pool/Spa Federal Safety Act
Worried About the 2009 Market?
Treating Hot Water?
Project Focus
The 411 on UV Disinfection for Pools and Spas
The Advantages of Seeding Aggregate Surfaces
Pool and Spa Industry Wins Gold
Choosing a Retirement Plan
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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008