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The Advantages of Seeding Aggregate Surfaces There are three methods by which concrete can be exposed to show aggregate: mixing the aggregate into the concrete; mixing the aggregate into a thin topping; and seeding the aggregate into the surface. Using aggregate surfaces is a way to create a textured look in place of the flat look of regular concrete or stamped concrete. Aggregate comes in a variety of sizes. The normal size used in decking varies from one-quarter inch to two inches. This is adequate to achieve a wealth of patterns and design elements. Aggregate also comes in many colors to achieve even more finished looks. Exposed aggregate decking is not for the inexpensive concrete pool. True craftsmen have mastered this fine skill either years ago or under an experienced craftsman, as I did. I had the good fortune to grow up with an old craftsman, my dad. By the time I was 10, he was teaching me how to finish concrete surfaces, and at 16 I was installing exposed aggregate concrete decks. Personally, I prefer the seeding method because I can control the “look” and pattern, plus it gives me flexibility in design and spacing. 28 SEEDING AGGREGATE Seeding is one method of applying aggregate to the surface of patios, decking, sidewalks, driveways and any other concrete surfaces. The most important part of seeding, of course, is what the finished product will look like, and there is an infinite variety of possibilities. To that end, experimentation is extremely important. The best way to practice is to make 2 x 2 blocks of concrete and experiment with the size, color and texture of the stone until you

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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008
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The Advantages of Seeding Aggregate Surfaces
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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008