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Pool and Spa Industry WINS GOLD I would be willing to bet that it is not an easy task to find someone in this country who is unaware that the Olympics recently concluded in Beijing. My guess is that it is probably hard to find a person who has not heard the name of the swimmer Michael Phelps and what he has done, at least as far as the most gold medals by any Olympian and the seven world records. However, what you may not realize is the awareness and boost that Phelps has given to the pool and spa industry. To many, Michael Phelps has become an American hero, and children like to dream about being a hero. Th ink back to your youth. How many of you have fond memories of playing sandlot baseball, dreaming of being the next Joe DiMaggio? Not to crush the fond memories, but how many of you remember having to buy your children a basketball hoop to put up in the driveway so they could be Michael Jordan? The truth is, the interest in swimming may have been sparked by the in-pool accomplishments of Phelps and the other U.S. swimmers. In addition, after the Olympics, Phelps started the Michael Phelps Swimming Foundation with the purpose of getting children interested in the sport of swimming, which will no 30 doubt pay dividends for the industry. Anyone who doesn’t know about Michael Phelps certainly knows about the state of the economy, especially the high cost of traveling. People are staying home as opposed to traveling for their vacations. This has become so popular that the term “stay-cation” has been coined and used almost as much as the actual word vacation. The question is this: “How are you going to take advantage of these opportunities?” The quickest way for us to take advantage of this is to start out by educating ourselves on all of the latest products, trends and industry happenings at the Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show, which will be held in that city by the ocean January 2729, 2009. Where else can you go in the Northeast where every

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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008
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Pool and Spa Industry Wins Gold
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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008