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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | by Pete Lucey Focusing on Safety in Pools & Spas WELCOME TO THIS issue of The Edge, the Northeast Spa & Pool Association’s (NESPA) quarterly publication dedicated to pool and spa professionals doing business here in the Northeast. Many of the seasonal and climatic challenges we face in the colder areas of the country are not shared by our industry in the Sunbelt. But, there is one issue that concerns us all, and that is safety. Snowbelt or Sunbelt, as an industry we want to build the safest pools and spas that we can; we want to maintain them in a manner that keeps them safe throughout the years; and we want to educate our customers on the safe use of our great products. This is a continuing challenge, but it is one that NESPA is meeting. Here’s how: Building a safe pool or spa. To help the industry build the safest pools and spas, NESPA’s Deputy Executive Director, Paulette Pitrak, and volunteers have travelled our four-state region for much of this year holding training programs for industry professionals and for local building inspectors to bring them up to date on the new anti-entrapment requirements in new construction. (As a member of NESPA, you have access to those new codes on our website at Pool and spa service and safety. A second area of safety that NESPA stresses is servicing pools and spas with safety constantly in mind. Company owners should train their field service people to be aware of their surroundings when at a customer site. If something is amiss, report it to your manager. It could be a broken gate or fence, a cracked drain cover or another unsafe condition that could compromise the safe use of that pool. Safe use of pools and spas. To keep our customers and the swimming public safe, NESPA has launched a far-reaching public relations program that emphasizes the layers of protection and constant adult supervision of children in the pool or spa. The ongoing campaign stresses perimeter and child fences, alarms, automatic pool covers, self-latching devices and other protective measures. (Check out those press releases on our web site.) Safety is a passion at NESPA and a commitment of The Edge. In this issue, lawyer Steven Getzoff weighs in on The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act that takes effect in December of this year. As Getzoff points out, the requirements under the law apply to commercial pools— those pools must be in compliance with the new regulations on December 20, 2008, or on the fi rst day they open in the spring. We want to hear from you about articles for future issues of The Edge. Is there a subject or a problem concerning pools and spas that we should cover in an upcoming article? Let us know. Email us at | Pete Lucey is president of NESPA, an APSP affiliate, for the 20082009 term of office. is one issue that concerns us all, and that is safety. Snowbelt or Sunbelt, as an industry, we want to build the safest pools and spas that we can… THE EDGE 9 …there

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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008
The President’s Message
New Pool/Spa Federal Safety Act
Worried About the 2009 Market?
Treating Hot Water?
Project Focus
The 411 on UV Disinfection for Pools and Spas
The Advantages of Seeding Aggregate Surfaces
Pool and Spa Industry Wins Gold
Choosing a Retirement Plan
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The Edge - Quarter 4, 2008