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SELLING | by Jeffrey Scott MARKETING to the AFFLUENT at I RECENTLY PERFORMED a “client perception study” with a group of affluent lakeside homeowners. We discussed what the affluent client wants and will pay more for. The following insights will help you improve your performance and margins. Here is what they said: Higher mistakes. Admit your mistakes and fi x them rapidly. The affluent client realizes that no one is perfect, but he or she expects perfect followup. Would they rate you a nine or higher on your follow-up? To charge high margins, you need to score high ratings. • Say “yes” to any and all requests. It does not matter if you bring in a subcontractor or refer a trusted friend to get it done; just get it done. Become their contractor of choice. Be the fi rst person they call, regardless of the problem. • Make things appear easy – even at your most hectic, busiest time. Never make your crazy schedule your clients’ problem. They will pay you more to make their life easier. “REMIND ME THAT I MADE A GOOD DECISION.” The affluent want to feel safe – and look good – for having hired you. Each time they see you, remind them that they made a good decision. • Think UPS. Your clothing should be neat, clean and branded. Employees should smile and make eye contact with every client interaction. • Treat your cell phone like your office line; answer it with a professional greeting. When the caller says his or her name, repeat it and enthusiastically say, “I’m so glad you called today.” This will make them feel warm and fuzzy – and promote referrals. • Write e-mails in a formal manner. Open with “Dear So-and-so,” use paragraphs, close with “Kind regards” and use spell check. “LET ME TRUST YOU WITH MY KEYS.” Your clients want a trusting relationship. They want to give their keys to their contractor to handle things outside and inside their home. They want you to be their eyes and ears. To gain this level of trust, do the following: • Be confident and don’t hide your faults. Never be defensive about your 12

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The Edge - Q4 2012