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PROJECT FOCUS | by Ron Derven Free-Form Vinyl Liner Pool THIS BEAUTIFUL FREE-FORM vinyl liner pool and spa, located in Delmar, New York, near Albany, won a Gold Medal in the Northeast Spa and Pool Association’s 2011 Design Awards Competition. with Swim-in Grotto Pools, a small competitor of CarmenGoody Imperial that at the time was installing about 30 pools a year. “I had no Plan B,” said Giovanone,“ so Plan A had to work.” And Plan A worked spectacularly. During the 1980s, Concord’s business grew rapidly. By 1988, it had become the largest dealer in the U.S. of manufacturer Heldor Pools, installing 488 THE BUILDER Mike Giovanone, CBP, owner, Concord Pools, Latham, New York, was 16 the builder of this project. Giovanone entered the pool business in 1972 through a summer job with CarmenGoody Imperial Pools in Colonie, New York. He worked there while attending St. Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont, and upon graduation in 1977 the firm made him a vice president. He was eager to start a business of his own, so in 1980 he purchased Concord

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Are Your Labor Rates Killing Your Business?
Chlorine in the Air and What to Do About It
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The Edge - Q4 2012