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WATER CHEMISTRY CHLORINE in the WHAT TO DO air and ABOUT IT Editor’s Note: Roy D. Vore, Ph.D. is a CPO, NSFPI and senior consultant with Vore & Associates LLC. Over the last 20 years, he has concentrated much of his work in the microbiology of swimming pools and spas. Dr. Vore was the principal author of the “Recreational Water Illness” manual published by NSPF® in June 2012 and helped draft the disinfection model of the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). In a recent interview, we asked Dr. Vore about the problems of chlorine in the air and his views on the MAHC. 22

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The President’s Message
Marketing to the Affluent at Higher Margins
Transparent Selling
Project Focus
Are Your Labor Rates Killing Your Business?
Chlorine in the Air and What to Do About It
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The Edge - Q4 2012