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feature Infrastructure Ontario: The 10-Year Plan By Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure SINCE RETURNING TO Queens Park one year ago, I have witnessed the fortitude and innovation among the citizens of this province as we make our way along the road to economic recovery. As Minister of Infrastructure, I have had the privilege of witnessing the province help improve and build 400 gyms and recreation centres, 233 rinks and arenas and 716 segments of road under the stimulus programs to name a few. Building and improving the province’s infrastructure is important to help boost the economy and create jobs. It’s an important part of our Open Ontario plan and continues to make our province the strong, resilient and beautiful place that it is known for around the world. Infrastructure Investments to Date While there is still work to do, we’ve come a long way in the last seven years. Compared to previous Ontario governments, the McGuinty Government has taken a giant leap towards sustainable and predictable infrastructure funding and delivery. In 2003, the government inherited an infrastructure deficit that had routinely been ignored by successive governments, leaving in their wake aging and deteriorating roads, hospitals, schools, community centres— and the list goes on. We needed a plan, and that plan came in the form of ReNew Ontario. This 5-year $30 billion plan was so successful it finished a full year ahead of schedule. The plan’s success was due in part to the creation of Infrastructure Ontario, a dedicated vehicle for partnering with the private sector to finance and build infrastructure projects. A number of large projects were completed under the alternative financing and procurement (AFP) model and by enlisting the expertise of the private sector to build and rebuild essential infrastructure. Infrastructure Ontario has completed 14 AFP projects on or under budget. Take for example the new Runnymede Healthcare Centre, constructed ahead of schedule and under the estimated budget, in a residential community in downtown Toronto. The developer of this new healthcare centre was sensitive to and respectful of the hospital neighbours during construction, which contributed to the project’s success. Another example is the redevelopment of Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga, which included a new seven storey wing to the existing hospital. The hospital remained open during construction and staff continued to care for their patients. So far, a total of 56 projects have been approved under the AFP delivery model. Since 2005, Infrastructure Ontario has brought more than 50 projects—worth over $21 billion—to market. This model rewards innovation and efficiency. It’s reliable and focused on quality. The projects that have been delivered through our AFP model have created new jobs—particularly in the construction sector—and benefits for Ontario taxpayers. Meeting the Stimulus Challenge To help hasten economic recovery, our government, together with the federal government and municipal partners, injected unprecedented levels of infrastructure stimulus into the economy. That stimulus money totalled about $28 billion, resulting in the short-term benefit of over 300,000 jobs. These jobs are making a real difference to Ontario families, particularly during challenging economic times. While we are putting people back to work on projects to modernize local infrastructure, the completed projects themselves will benefit families in communities for years to come. Construction of the Niagara Health System’s new healthcare complex and Walker Family Cancer Centre in St. Catharines will be finished in late 2012, with doors to the new 970,000 square-foot facility opening to patients in 2013. The 375-bed hospital will be environmentally friendly and was designed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification. Trenton North highway service centre, which fully opened to the public in September 2010, is one of 20 service centres being redeveloped by Infrastructure Ontario. spring/summer 2011 the generals 17

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The Generals - Spring/Summer 2011