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PRINT TECHLINK IMPROVING PRINT Performance TESTS AT WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY SHOW that ColorLok improves quality and consistency of inkjet printing JOHN MEYER or years, performance enhancing paper coatings have been used in rotogravure and lithography to enhance print characteristics and ink performance; this often resulted in some sacrifice in ink drying speed. At the same time, inkjet paper print performance was often determined by the quality of the ink and the printer. When traditional coatings were introduced, gloss and color gamut improved. However, drying, ink rub, and occasionally print resolution were sacrificed. The small-office-home-office (SOHO) inkjet papers did not get enough attention until introduction of the new ColorLok papers. HP developed ColorLok Technology as a surface treatment to enhance every conceivable inkjet print characteristic. ColorLok performance has now been achieved at more than 30 paper mills worldwide with more mills applying for certification daily. Mills must submit samples regularly to an HP certified test site to assure that the minimum ColorLok performance and physical standards are being met. After weeks of testing papers at the Western Michigan University Printing Pilot Plant, we found that the treatment in HP’s ColorLok papers is able to significantly improve solid ink density, print resolution, color-gamut coverage, line raggedness, and show through. ferent paper suppliers. For the sake of comparing the samples from various mills, all paper samples that met ColorLok performance standards were named sample “A”. The corresponding non-ColorLok papers from the same mills were named as “B” samples. Our test form was printed for evaluation in both Normal and Best modes. Black optical density. Almost everyone has seen examples of desktop printers producing copies with black print that appears to not cover the paper very well, and/or appears somewhat grey in color. This is always more apparent with solids or large font type, as opposed to regular text. Since ColorLok Technology keeps the ink from OUR TESTING To get a broad understanding of the ColorLok papers for SOHO office papers, we utilized four different printers from three different manufacturers, and seven difPaper360º January/February 2010

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Paper360 - January/February 2010
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Paper360 - January/February 2010