Paper360 - September/October 2010 - (Page Cover1)

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 TAPPI | PIMA AROUND THE INDUSTRY, AROUND THE WORLD WATER CHALLENGES FOR A THIRSTY INDUSTRY NewPage’s water use profile aids sustainability Minimizing condensate contamination Controlling sheet weight and fiber orientation profiles Interview with ABB’s Roger Bailey

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Paper360 - September/October 2010

Paper360 - September/October 2010
Table of Contents
Letter to the Editor
Over the Wire
Water Sustainability and the North American Forest Products Industries
Challenges Ahead for Water Resource Managers
Profiling Water Consumption Helps Manage Resources
Microfilters Reduce Fresh Water Consumption
It Pays to Conserve and Reuse Water
Minimizing Condensate Contamination
Recovering Super-Clear White Water by Backwash Filtration
Multivariable Control of Sheet Weight and Fiber Orientation Profiles
Packages Ltd Turns Wheat Straw into Paper and Board
Interview: ABB’s Roger Bailey
Implementing the 2010 Technology Roadmap
Association News

Paper360 - September/October 2010