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PROUD TO BE A PAPERMAKER THE EXTRA MILE, ABOVE AND BEYOND. There are a lot of phrases for it, but ultimately what makes a business work every day is excellence. And we in the pulp and paper industry are blessed with it. We’re proud to have folks who are willing to dig deep and find a creative solution, to persevere through tough times, to risk something personal on behalf of a community. Every year in this section of Paper360° we recognize examples of excellence. We know you will find inspiration from them. But we also know that there are other stories out there that people need to hear. So please let us know about the proud papermakers in your world by sending your suggestions to A R C T I C PA PER Effluent CLEAN ENOUGH to drink INGRID BRESSLER Arctic Paper Munkedal mill manager Göran Lindqvist rctic Paper holds what is probably the world record for water consumption: only three liters per kilogram of paper, compared to the average of about 10 liters. But it’s a difficult record to confirm. “I can’t guarantee that we’re absolutely unique worldwide,” says Göran Lindqvist, mill manager of the mid-size Munkedal mill that each year produces 160,000 tons of high quality graphic fine paper. “But we are definitely part of the world elite in this respect.” The Munkedalsälven river f lows through the mill area, and one of western Sweden’s best spots for salmon to mate is right in front of the mill. In addition, the mill’s surroundings are part of the Euro- pean Union’s nature protection program and there are discussions to form a nature reserve, which will include parts of the mill area. It wasn’t always like this. Fifty years ago salmon died in this river as the mill also produced sulphite pulp. “To reduce effluents from a sulphite pulp mill meant heavy investments,” said Lindqvist. In 1966, sulphite pulp production was stopped and the mill began as a non-integrated paper producer—to the benefit of the salmon and the environment in general. But according to Lindqvist, efforts to create a distinctive environmental image didn’t start until the 1980s when the environmental movement started to focus heavily on the chlorine issue. “Since then a lot has happened in the industry,” says Lindqvist. “Today I think one can say that there are no really filthy mills any longer—at least not in our part of the world.” At Munkedal, process water undergoes biological purification, and large ponds make up the final purification process. These ponds are today home to fish, crustaceans and frogs, and in the environmental center built right next door, the water from the ponds is served as a drink after just one filtering. For Arctic Paper, the focus on environmental progress has paid for itself. Well-known publishing houses with pres- tigious book titles each year travel to western Sweden to buy paper that helps them strengthen their own environmental profiles. FSC-certified raw material is a must for them, and a minimum carbon footprint in the production chain is expected. “As for effluents, we have done what can be done,” said Göran Lindqvist. “Our next step is to reduce emissions to air—and the key is again about water consumption.” Air emissions come from the use of energy and energy is mainly used to heat the water. So, the less water to heat, the less energy needed. “Consequently, with today’s energy prices, we have everything to win by minimizing water consumption and thus energy consumption.” Ingrid Bressler is a Swedish freelance journalist. Contact her at ingrid@ Munkedal mill Paper360º November/December 2009

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Paper360 - November/December 2009
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Paper360 - November/December 2009