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PROUD TO BE A PAPERMAKER CHUCK KLASS A Klass ACT GLENN OSTLE With his abiding passion for the industry, Chuck Klass just isn’t geared to say no Chuck Klass, consultant ny d discussion of pride in f d papermaking would be incomplete without a nod to Chuck Klass, one of the most well-known, respected and long-time members of the North American pulp and paper industry. In his long career, Chuck has been involved in almost every aspect of the business and today, at almost 70 years of age, is still a sought-after consultant with a long list of honors. Chuck is a TAPPI Fellow, a past member of the TAPPI board of directors, and a recipient of the TAPPI Distinguished Service Award, the 1984 Paper and Board division award, and the 2001 Coating and Graphics Leadership and Service award. He is also a Fellow and member of the Paper Technology Foundation board of trustees, a hall of fame inductee, and adjunct professor at Western Michigan University. Chuck has been associated with the pulp and paper industry since his junior year in high school, when a chemistry teacher suggested he attend a TAPPI career night in Dayton. He won a scholarship to Western Michigan College in Kalamazoo, and in the evenings worked the 11-7 night shift at Hamilton Paper as a deinking operator and plant chemist. He graduated in 1962 and went to work for Union Camp, Savannah, GA, USA, as a process engineer and shift chemist. Later he moved to the Westvaco, Luke mill as an operating engineer and coating supervisor. In 1965 his career took a slightly different path when he became associate editor of Paper Trade Journal and moved to New York where he earned an MBA from Pace University. Chuck also worked for Merck Paper Chemicals, Lockport Felts, and Asten Group. In 1982 he began representing the Swedish BillBlade coater. In 1986 Chuck started his consulting business, focusing on value-added paper development and optimization and quality of coating and papermaking operations. An earlier attempt to acquire a paper mill had given him some expertise in due diligence work for financing, evaluating assets and writing business plans that is still a large part of his business. In 1990 he served as an expert witness in a case involving carbonless coaters. Since then he has been involved in 15 to 20 cases involving patents, contract disputes, and personal injuries. “I’ve had a number of interesting projects in my career,” says Chuck. “In the 1980s we started to add light coating to newsprint as a predecessor to film coated offset, and later I helped develop the Color Wonder paper for Crayola. I also worked with HP on the ColorLok concept. Today I’m involved at WMU with recycled barrier coatings.” Once he even started up a small paper machine at EARTH University in Costa Rica, to make paper out of banana fiber. As a 50-year member of TAPPI, Chuck has served on almost every TAPPI division, including the board of directors. He was instrumental in establishing the first Papermakers Conference in 1972, taught the “How to Market to the Pulp and Paper Industry” course from 1981 to the early 90s, and served as an advisor to the publications committee and TAPPI magazine. Chuck returned to Western Michigan University as a guest lecturer and in 1999 as an adjunct professor. He helped the school acquire a new pilot coater, teaches a coating course, advises graduate students, and assists on research projects. According to Chuck, the industry needs to capitalize on some of its inherent advantages and not forget about its past. “We don’t gain a lot by focusing only on the rearview mirror and doing things how they used to be done. But it’s amazing how things come around that have been tried before. For example, everyone is excited about metered size press coaters, but transfer roll coaters date from the 1930s. “I’m at the ‘giving back’ phase of my life,” says Chuck. “I’m on Social Security and Medicare but haven’t figured out the retirement part yet. I’ve tried to slow it down a little bit and in the last ten years haven’t really tried to find new clients. But I’m not really geared to be a person who says ‘no.’” Glenn Ostle is Editorial Director/Associate Publisher of Paper360°. Contact Glenn at Paper360º November/December 2009

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Paper360 - November/December 2009
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Paper360 - November/December 2009