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INNOVATION THE BOT TOM LINE Conquering innovation fatigue The paper industry needs to rediscover and capitalize on its proud but often overlooked history of innovation JEFF LINDSAY Innovation Fatigue Factors People (Behavior of Individuals) Organizational (Strategy, Culture) External (Laws, Regulations) Theft and Exploitation tion Breaking the Will to Share (Loss of Trust) 4 7 Patent Pain: Barriers to IP Protection n Innovator Deficiencies cies Flaws in Decision Making and Vision 5 8 Challenges in Policy, Regulation and Law aw w "Not Invented Here" Syndrome Open Innovation Fatigue University-Industry y Barriers he paper industry continues to have a severe and largely undeserved image problem. Many view it as an antiquated smokestack industry devoid of innovation, when in fact it has been a leader in several exciting areas in technology and business practice. Consider the burgeoning field of biofuels and green energy, for example. While many people and organizations are tripping over themselves to get on the green energy bandwagon and claim credit for commercializing it, it has been the basis for economic success in pulp production for decades. A kraft mill burning black liquor is a stellar example of recovering useful energy from the byproducts of a renewable resource, and also epitomizes smart recycling and regeneration of chemicals. Within the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Forest Bioproducts Division (formerly the Forest Products Division) was leading the way by hosting technical programs dealing with biorefineries, biofuel, and biomass for years before it became so popular among other chemical engineers. Gratefully, many others are now excited about this field and moving forward. But as others rush to lead, there is rarely the recognition of just how much has been contributed over the years by those associated with the pulp and paper industries. (Don’t be surprised if some newcomers to the area wish to come and lecture the paper industry about the need to pursue green energy!) There is certainly much more to learn, but also much to teach and share. In some cases, the practical expertise of leaders in the forest products industry T Paper360º November/December 2009

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Paper360 - November/December 2009
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Effluent Clean Enough to Drink
A Klass Act
Verso Awakens Maine
Twenty-Three Years of Bringing Students to the Industry
Marcal Rises From the Ashes
Buckeye Turns Lemon to Lemonade
Forty Years and "Still Doing It"
There's No Business Like Paper Business
Saving Energy at the Paper Machine
Low Alkali System Meets the Challenges of ONP/OMG Recycling
Around the Industry
Conquering Innovation Fatigue
Give Yourselves a Hand
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Paper360 - November/December 2009