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Nov/Dec 2009 | Vol. 4, No. 9 ■ SMARTMILL IMPROVING OPERATIONS, PROCESSES & PRODUCTIVITY Saving energy at the paper machine Energy savings recommendations implemented by paper mills have reduced annual energy cost by over US$ 20 million BY DICK REESE ■ 6 8 TRENDSPOTTING ANALYZING IDEAS, ISSUES & MARKETS Setpoint BY GLENN OSTLE Over the Wire News Summary Low alkali system meets the challenges of ONP/OMG recycling To reduce costs and meet more stringent environmental regulations, some mills are looking more closely at their deinking chemistry BY DAVID R. JONES ■ PROUD TO BE A PAPERMAKER SPECIAL SECTION Effluent clean enough to drink Arctic Paper not only conserves water but even serves up effluent water on tap BY INGRID BRESSLER ■ TECHLINK TRACKING NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, MACHINERY & MATERIALS A Klass act With his abiding passion for the industry, Chuck Klass just isn’t geared to say no BY GLENN OSTLE Expanded TAPPI JOURNAL Coverage 23 Around the Industry 24 TAPPI JOURNAL Summaries All TAPPI JOURNAL paper titles now translated into Portuguese/Chinese. Todos os títulos no JORNAL de TAPPI estão traduzidos agora em português. 所有«纸浆与纸工业技术协会杂志»文章标题现 在都被译成中文 Verso awakens Maine An innovative campaign seeks to get state government to help keep the paper industry alive and thriving BY KEN PATRICK Twenty-three years of bringing students to the industry From India to Auburn, Gopal Krishnagopalan has been one of the industry’s strongest supporters BY JAN BOTTIGLIERI ■ THE BOTTOM LINE Conquering innovation fatigue The paper industry needs to rediscover and capitalize on its proud but often overlooked history of innovation BY JEFF LINDSAY Marcal rises from the ashes Most industry observers gave this fledgling operation little or no chance of survival BY KEN PATRICK Buckeye turns lemon to lemonade Wetlands project “rebuilds” headwaters of Fenholloway River, perpetuates restoration and helps foster continued development in Florida’s Big Bend area BY KEN PATRICK ■ 29 30 IN TOUCH Give yourselves a hand BY GLENN OSTLE Index of Advertisers Forty years and “still doing it” Pulping legend Pierre Mouyal has black liquor in his blood BY KEN PATRICK ON THE COVER Proud papermakers, top left to bottom right: Göran Lindqvist of Arctic Paper, John Crowe of Buckeye Technologies, Auburn University’s Gopal Krishnagopalan, consultant Chuck Klass, Timothy Spring of Marcal Paper Mills, and Mats Williams of The Paper Province. There’s no business like paper business Mats Williams has a Hollywood passion for the industry BY INGRID BRESSLER Published for Published by TAPPI 15 Technology Parkway South Norcross, GA 30092 (770) 446-1400 Naylor, LLC 5950 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607 (800) 369-6220 Paper360º is the official publication of TAPPI and PIMA:, Paper 360° (ISSN 1933-3684) is published monthly except for combined issues in January/February, June/July and November/December by TAPPI. Annual subscription for TAPPI and PIMA members included in dues. Postage for preferred periodicals paid at Norcross, GA and additional mailing offices. Canadian second class postage permit number is 9592. Canadian GST registration number is R129404612. Canadian agreement number is 40013131. Canadian account number is 2401975. Statements of fact and opinions expressed are those of individual authors. TAPPI assumes no responsibility for such statements and opinions. TAPPI does not intend such statements and opinions or construe them as a solicitation of or suggestion for any agreed-upon course of conduct or concerted action of any sort. Copyright 2009 by TAPPI with all rights reserved. To obtain copyright permission to photocopy pages from this publication for internal or personal use, contact Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) via their website at If you have questions about the copyright permission request process, please contact CCC by phone at (978) 750-8400. To obtain copyright permission to use excerpts from this publication in another published work, send your specific request in writing to Editor, Paper360º, 10429 Newberry Park Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277, USA. Send manuscripts to the Editorial Director at POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Michael Senecal, Paper360°, 5950 NW 1st Place, Gainesville, FL 32607, USA. Published December 2009/PPI-S0609/9624 Paper360º November/December 2009

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Paper360 - November/December 2009
Over the Wire ... News Summary
Effluent Clean Enough to Drink
A Klass Act
Verso Awakens Maine
Twenty-Three Years of Bringing Students to the Industry
Marcal Rises From the Ashes
Buckeye Turns Lemon to Lemonade
Forty Years and "Still Doing It"
There's No Business Like Paper Business
Saving Energy at the Paper Machine
Low Alkali System Meets the Challenges of ONP/OMG Recycling
Around the Industry
Conquering Innovation Fatigue
Give Yourselves a Hand
Index of Advertisers

Paper360 - November/December 2009