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TRENDSPOTTING setpoint (Still) proud to be a papermaker EDITORIAL STAFF CHRIS HODGES | PUBLISHER GLENN OSTLE | EDITORIAL DIRECTOR/ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER MICHAEL SENECAL | MANAGING EDITOR KEN PATRICK | SENIOR EDITOR JAN BOTTIGLIERI | SENIOR EDITOR RAMESH GUPTA | INTERNATIONAL EDITOR MARIA LUISA VALENCIA | INTERNATIONAL EDITOR ERIC FLETTY | VP OPERATIONS, TAPPI SALES PROJECT MANAGER | RAY GOODWIN MARKETING | HOLLY STRAUT INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR | SHANE HOLT SALES ASSOCIATES Mike Hisey, Niki O’Brien, John O’Neil, Albert Quintero, Jason Ruppert, Vicki Sherman PREPRESS DESIGN | DAVE REIMER ADVERTISING ART | GLENN DOMINGO REPRINTS L ast November we featured a number of companies and individuals that had gone the extra mile, in a special “Proud to be a Papermaker” issue. Reaction was even more positive than we expected. It seems that while bad news certainly hasn’t gone away, many people enjoy reading more positive stories as a way to remind themselves of the exceptional efforts that have defined this industry over the years. In this issue we feature four progressive companies, including: a mill that rose from its own ashes and that according to the new CEO, “would have been a condominium complex” without a fresh approach and commitment from everyone concerned; the winner of AF&PA’s Environmental & Energy Achievement Award for restoring a wetlands and improving the quality of a river; a company that undertook a campaign to awaken a state to its existence in order to keep the paper industry alive, competitive, and thriving there; and a Swedish mill so environmentally advanced that it serves up its effluent water as a beverage. This year we also went one step further and elected to spotlight four individuals who have made significant contributions to the pulp and paper industry. This group accounts for about 150 combined years of experience, so their thoughts on the industry are not to be taken lightly. In the last year, the industry in North America seems to have somewhat improved. At events I’ve attended, the pall of gloominess seems to have lifted a bit. Companies have found innovative ways to survive and even prosper, the biofuels movement has continued to progress, and a number of new machines have started up, such as the tissue machines at SCA and Cellynne. In our last issue we featured the start up of Pratt Industry’s new “greenfield” lightweight liner and medium mill in Shreveport, LA. A milestone event. However, in my editorial I mistakenly referred to it as the “first new greenfield paperboard mill on this continent, in this century.” I should have said in the U.S., as I quickly received messages from a number of readers who pointed out that I had missed one in Canada. According to John Pepper, Director of Sales, Atlantic and New Forest Paper Mills, “Our organization also applauds the efforts and accomplishments of Pratt and, in ways it mirrors that of our own since we installed our first recycled containerboard mill in 1968. Since that time we added four more mills with the most recent being a recycled containerboard mill, New Forest Paper Mills LP located in the Greater Toronto Area, producing its first roll in April 2006.” My apologies to New Forest Paper Mill for the oversight, and my congratulations to them on their progress. We hope you enjoy these uplifting stories of proud papermakers. All of us at Paper360° would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued readership and to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. GLENN OSTLE 6 Paper360º November/December 2009

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Paper360 - November/December 2009
Over the Wire ... News Summary
Effluent Clean Enough to Drink
A Klass Act
Verso Awakens Maine
Twenty-Three Years of Bringing Students to the Industry
Marcal Rises From the Ashes
Buckeye Turns Lemon to Lemonade
Forty Years and "Still Doing It"
There's No Business Like Paper Business
Saving Energy at the Paper Machine
Low Alkali System Meets the Challenges of ONP/OMG Recycling
Around the Industry
Conquering Innovation Fatigue
Give Yourselves a Hand
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Paper360 - November/December 2009