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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011 TA P P I | P I M A AROUND THE INDUSTRY, AROUND THE WORLD PROUD TO BE A PAPERMAKER More people and companies who make us proud to be part of the industry Ra Rand-Whitney Continues a Papermaking Legacy Suzano reduces fresh water, chemical usage An efficient and sustainable use of biomass for heat and power Better Practices, Better Planet 2020

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Paper360 - November/December 2011

Over the Wire . . . News Summary
Carlos Aguiar: Always a Strong Sense of “Family”
SCA Tissue: Products for an Environmentally Conscious Public
Partnership Reduces Fresh Water, Chemical Usage
A Believer in the Positive Future of North American Containerboard: Jim Rubright, CEO, RockTenn
Right-Size Mill Continues a Papermaking Legacy
VIDA Paper: A Business Survivor
An Efficient and Sustainable Use of Biomass for Heat and Power
Are Your Wood Products Really Certified?
Association News
OPINION: Better Practices, Better Planet 2020

Paper360 - November/December 2011