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Online Exclusives Paper360° magazine is designed to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening around the industry, around the world. But sometimes we have more to talk about than we have space for in an issue. In this and coming issues, this page will describe unique “Online Exclusives”—stories and articles prepared by the editors of Paper360°— available only on our website at Here’s what’s available now . . . Truly Green Paper Two high school Students offer up a new formula for making paper Joshua Bowman and Matthew Perryman may be on the right path when it comes to making paper “greener.” These two 11th graders found that residential lawn grass clippings could be added to paper pulp to make sheets of paper. The 50 percent newspaper/50 percent grass sample provided the best balance between performance and grass content. After extensive testing, the boys concluded that using a combination of newspapers and grass clippings would reduce demand for virgin materials, reduce transportation costs for solid municipal waste, and reduce landfill volume. See Joshua and Matthew’s full experiment report at Don’t Get Hacked A deeper look into protecting your company Patrik Boo provided an extensive overview of cyber security in this issue. But with cyber security being threatened every day, Patrik is never short of advice for protecting your company’s financial records and other confidential information. Online Exclusive readers will have the opportunity to delve more deeply into the importance of securing their mill systems. Readers will not only learn about standard practices in cyber security, but will also be able to read real-life examples of how cyber security has helped companies block potential threats. Learn more about cyber security at: Please Print This Email Domtar’s message about promoting paper Everyone has seen the phrase “Don’t Print This Email,” and they hesitate. To many people, printing has become a choice between saving the planet and having a hard copy of an important document. In 2010, Domtar embarked on a mission to teach the public the facts about paper use by focusing on reasons why people need and should use paper. Thus, the PAPERbecause campaign was born. At this year’s ASPI conference in September, Kathy Wholley, Director of Advertising and Communications at Domtar, spoke about PAPERbecause saying, “From birth certificates and wedKathy Wholley ding albums to greeting cards and diplomas, Domtar encourages people to consider the long-term benefits of paper in creating some of life’s fondest memories.” Learn more about Domtar’s award winning PAPERbecause campaign at: 34 Paper360º NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Paper360 - November/December 2012

Over the Wire
Achieving Zero Landfill of Fiber
Creating a Monument to Safety
Keeping the Paper Flowing
Transforming an Industry
Supporting the Community
David Paterson Takes the Reins at Verso
New Tissue Fabric, Felt, and Roll Cover Technology
Protecting Your Mill Against Cyber Threats
Association News
TAPPISafe Takes a Page from Other Industries
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Paper360 - November/December 2012