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executive director’s column Green is the New Gold Have you heard that new adage, “Green is the new Gold?” O n a recent conference evaluation, I was surprised to read a comment made by one of our attendees questioning why PRSM was putting so much emphasis on green. I took the question seriously and decided to answer it in this column for anyone who may not be aware of the major impact that sustainability initiatives are having on retail stores. The short answer is: Retail is focusing on being green, so that necessitates that PRSM do the same. PRSM is focusing part of its efforts and resourcing on sustainability because retailers and vendors are putting enormous resources behind being better stewards of their resources and the environment. For many companies (retail and suppliers), these initiatives support their larger goals of being socially responsible corporate citizens. AFindings from the March 2008 report “Building a Green Supply Chain: Social Responsibility for Fun and Profit” by Aberdeen Group revealed that green, sustainability and corporate social responsibility mandates are emerging as one of the key cost control and customer strategy measures for retailers worldwide. The conflicting needs to lower total cost of operations and to compete for customer loyalty in a global marketplace are driving retailers to adopt green initiatives that target the retail supply chain operations, stores and overall brand image. That’s as true today as it was two years ago. In 2007, 83 percent of the top 100 retailers were involved in green practices, according to a study by BDO Seidman, LLP. While company image with stakeholders was viewed as significantly important, other reasons, such as tax incentives and tax breaks by state and local governments, were cited as major green motivators. I would bet that number is closer to 100 percent today. PATRICIA DAMERON Executive Director, PRSM Association Retailers are looking at all aspects of their lifecycle along the supply chain from operations to product composition through waste and recycling to their carbon footprint. They realize that their stores can have a profound impact upon the environment and make a real difference in the health of our planet. Retailers are also astute business people who understand that there are cost savings to be gained over the long term in energy, waste and other areas. The gold in green is clearly the cost savings realized through more efficient ways of doing business at a reduced cost. That’s good for the bottom line. The industry leaders in green are PRSM members. Retail box size doesn’t matter. Every retail footprint can and is making an impact. The subject of sustainability and energy efficiency are staples on our Retailer2Retailer member forums. PRSM’s Sustainability Council (formerly the Green Council), which was started in 2007, helps us to identify the issues that PRSM should be addressing with its membership. Through PRSM conferences, webinars, Best Practices white papers, website content and magazine articles, we have addressed a broad range of topics from energy management, waste management, lighting, water efficiency and the role of facilities management in sustainability. This second green issue of our magazine highlights what’s happening in retail sustainability today. We hope you fi nd it educational and affirming that green is gold for your company also. And, the more we all do our part to be green, the greater our lasting impact on this world in and outside of retail. ● 10 I Professional Retail Store Maintenance •

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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010
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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010