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& Retailer Maintain and Sustain Emphasizing Sustainability in Maintenance Practices As retail stores are increasingly realizing the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable maintenance practices, they are searching for the most effective implementation of sustainability programs. We asked three PRSM members what environmentally friendly maintenance products they are using and how they incorporate sustainability requirements into vendor qualifications. BY ERIC DOISE Kirk Beaudoin, FMA, RFMP, CTS, Territory Facilities Manager of North America Retail Operations at Nike What environmentally friendly maintenance products are you using in and/or outside your stores? Sustainability is a high priority to Nike. This drive and direction has made its way to the retail level as well. Some time ago we partnered with our supplier, Coastwide Laboratories, and identified replacement cleaning products that were more environmentally friendly. We utilize a “sustainable earth” labeled glass cleaner and a neutral pH cleaner, and have a mixing station installed in the janitorial closet that utilizes concentrates, which reduces containers. These products cover a majority of the cleaning tasks performed in the store. We have also partnered with our janitorial vendor over the years to ensure their migration to greener products in our stores. The “Green Seal” certified products they are using are a neutral cleaner, glass and surface cleaner, neutral bathroom cleaner, and a general purpose cleaner. We use regrind as a flooring material in our footwear section, which is made up of recycled shoes, and a reuse-a-shoe drop box is located in our stores for consumers to turn in their old shoes, which are made into regrind, which is then used in places such as basketball courts, playgrounds, and track fields. We have moved away from epoxy flooring, and towards polished concrete, which is more sustainable and requires less maintenance and chemical applications. Carpet tiles in offices are made of recycled content. We recently standardized to Carrier HVAC units, running R410A refrigerant, and have an Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of 15. We have moved away from metal halide and to Philips T5 fluorescent lamps for general lighting, which boasts the lowest mercury content in the industry, and we have a lamp recycle program in place to ensure the lamps are recycled properly. Do you qualify vendors based on their sustainability efforts? If yes, how? If no, why? We haven't had to source any new vendors in several years, but we did just complete a request for proposal (RFP) for lamps, and the sustainability piece was a key component. As we thought about what might be important factors other than price and delivery date, one component we focused on was sustainability. Since we’ve been using Philips bulbs, we knew they had the lowest mercury content in their fluorescent tubes. One thing we asked was what amount of hazardous materials is in companies’ products and materials as well as if they have a recycling program. If we were to go out to bid, (though there are no opportunities at this time), we would include sustainability in the questions. Dean Iwata, Director of Store Development at REI What environmentally friendly maintenance products are you using in and/or outside your stores? REI utilizes a variety of maintenance supplies that are considered to be environmentally friendly. For example, in the breakroom, REI uses biodegradable phosphate-free dish soap, biodegradable plates, compostable cutlery, recycled napkins, and commercially compostable hot/cold cups. Environmentally friendly restroom supplies are also used, including compostable toilet seat covers, coreless bath tissue, and unbleached paper July/August 2010 I 19

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