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The Greenest of Best environmental practices of leading retailers from around the world Greening Retail is an important tool for the entire retail sector. This excerpt from a report sponsored by Environment Canada carefully analyzes some of the best practices from around the world. In addition to articulating the benefits that greening will provide to our environment, health and communities, it outlines the economic success that comes with sustainable practices. W e have identified some of the best environmental practices of retail companies and the steps they are taking to implement these practices. We discovered that not only are these practices better for the environment, they also make good business sense. The objective of the research project was to examine the environmental best practices of 15 of the leading retailers in the world to identify in detail their strategies and tactics, and communicate these to other retailers. Although the framework for achieving best practices varied among the retailers, there were common threads including: ◗ Policies disseminated internally and, most often, externally ◗ Regular updates of sustainability policies and achievements, typically every one to three years. Energy efficiency and conservation Energy efficiency is one area where retailers of any size can begin to make changes and realize immediate return. Turning out lights when no one is in a room, turning off computers at the end of the day or adjusting the thermostat by a couple of degrees improve energy efficiency and are immediately evident on utility bills. Beginning with the most modest changes and reinvesting the savings into more and larger energy saving programs have led major retailers to considerable savings. ◗ A deeply held conviction by the CEO/owner/founder/senior management that the company must reduce its impact on the environment ◗ An environmental strategy and plan ◗ An environmental management structure ◗ Staff who were appointed with environmental responsibilities at the head office and store level ◗ External advisors to assist in developing the strategies and providing advice ◗ Sustainable strategies, actions and indicators integrated into existing operations and management structure ◗ Policies with broad sustainability principles and specific functional or issue-related policies 42 I Professional Retail Store Maintenance •

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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010
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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010