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tips & trends Get in the LEED Q What is LEED Retail rating system and why was it created? A The LEED Retail rating system is a leadership green building benchmarking tool that recognizes the unique nature of the retail environment and addresses the different types of spaces that retailers need for their distinctive product lines. The USGBC collaborated with 80 retail pilot projects for several years to develop two new rating systems: LEED Retail 2009: Building Design and Construction (BD+C), and LEED Retail 2009: Interior Design and Construction (ID+C.) Q I have stand-alone and inline stores, how do I know A Depends. If the store is a stand- alone and you are responsible for curb-in planning and development, then LEED Retail BD+C is the system to register under and align with. If you are a tenant within a mall, shopping or lifestyle center, with little to no control over the site – then LEED Retail IDC is the appropriate system to register and certify under. *Note: Keep in mind that LEED Retail BD+C & ID+C were developed concurrently and have a lot of similarities. Many retailers choose to certify a stand-alone first, as the LEED Retail BD+C is an aligned shell built around LEED Retail ID+C. Some retailers with both, choose to certify a pilot under LEED Retail BD+C and another under LEED Retail ID+C to evaluate which is most appropriate for their retail footprint. For the rest of this Q&A, go to! -Excerpted from “LEED Retail Q&A” by Ecoxera which rating system will work for my diverse portfolio? Cut Costs Five Ways Any of the five steps below can reduce operational costs painlessly. Taken together, all five will control operational costs dramatically for today and for years to come: 1. Choose a simplified wiring system and an easy-to-navigate controller. Streamlined wiring with connectors that fit together correctly reduces installation hours and helps eliminate delays on the job site. 2. Buy equipment with the highest energy efficiency rating you can find. As much as half of the energy used by a commercial building is consumed by its HVAC system: Replacing an older rooftop unit with a new, highefficiency model can reduce utility bills by hundreds of dollars per unit. 3. Find units that conserve energy during partial cooling operation. Systems with MSAV™ (multi-stage air volume) supply fan technology conserve energy during partial cooling operation by providing just the right amount of cooling to protect comfort while controlling energy use. 4. Insist on service reports. Regular service reports show exactly how the equipment is operating and verify that service and maintenance q were performed. fo 5. Look for rooftop units with real-time reporting capability. Systems that offer features like USB capabi ports give technicians the ability to immediately at save service reports directly to a flash drive, saving valuable time in the diagnostic process. -Submitted by Lennox Industries ( (ww Green Cleaning Simplified Are you looking for something that eliminates the need for dispensing systems? Liquid cleaning chemicals in packets or water-soluble pouches to the rescue! Cleaning chemicals offered in packets offer pre-measured concentrates in dissolvable packets that reduce packaging, wasted product and employee interaction with harmful chemicals. Their light weight and small size reduce the cost of shipping, which also cuts back on greenhouse gasses. Just compare the size and cost of 600 quarts of cleaner: Most cleaning chemicals are 95 percent water; 600 quarts would take 50 cases of 12 quarts each and weigh over 1,500 pounds. Chemical packets would require only 30 small jars, weighing just 62 pounds – a reduction of more than 90 percent. -Submitted by PAK-IT LLC ( July/August 2010 I 49

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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010
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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010