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contents JULY/AUGUST 2010 the green issue STANDARDS, CERTIFICATIONS AND LEGISLATION, OH MY! 28 In the near future, PRSM will be publishing a matrix of current and upcoming standards, certifications and legislation to help you stay current on changes in the sustainability landscape. Read this article for more detail on each of the items listed on the matrix, along with insight and tips on how to leverage that information into successful programs and policies. WHAT’S YOUR SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY? 36 Retail is now a leading sector when it comes to improving environmental and social performance. Examine the role of retail in the growing demand for environmentally and socially responsible suppliers and products. This article also provides advice to companies on how to get out in front of this trend. THE GREENEST OF THE GREEN 42 This excerpt from a report sponsored by Environment Canada carefully analyzes some of the best green practices from around the world. In addition to articulating the benefits that greening will provide to our environment, health and communities, it outlines the economic success that comes with sustainable practices. mid-year conference preview PRSM Association members “Shop PRSM First”! Join us in Dallas/Fort Worth, September 23 14-16 for PRSM’s Mid-Year Conference. Demonstrate to top retail executives how our products and services can help drive value through innovative solutions and ideas that will set their companies apart from the competition. If you want to reach qualified buyers, drive sales and generate new leads, you can’t afford to miss it! departments PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S COLUMN 10 NEW MEMBERS TIPS & TRENDS 8 regular features MANAGEMENT: Preventative Maintenance for Sustainable Floors 15 You’ve gone green by installing beautiful, sustainable floors. Now you need a sustainable preventative maintenance program to keep them going strong. 26 49 52 53 5 ADVERTISERS’ DOT.COM ADVERTISERS’ ADVERTISERS INDEX RETAILER Q&A: KEEPING IT GREEN 19 PRSM asks Nike, REI and Walmart about which environmentally friendly maintenance products they use, along with whether or not they qualify vendors based on their sustainability efforts. RETAILER PROFILE: Best Buy 54 For international powerhouse Best Buy, maintaining facilities across the globe, from energy to upgrades, is a matter of efficiency. Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM), 14850 Quorum Dr., Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75254-7050 Phone: (972) 231-9810, Fax: (972) 231-4081, Published by: Naylor, LLC, 5950 NW 1st Place, Gainesville, FL 32607, Phone: (352) 332-1252 or (800) 369-6220, Fax: 352-331-3525, Publisher: Kathleen Gardner. Editor: Saara Raappana. Project Manager: Ray Goodwin. Publication Director: Paul Woods. Advertising Sales: Amanda Blanchard, Stephen Gladney, Nicole Hudson, Sarah Lyons, John O’Neil, Chris Zabel. Marketing: Allie Hansen. Layout and Design: Cal Harding/Irene Pohoreçka. Advertising Art: Glenn Domingo Published in June 2010 / PRS-S0410 / 4172 July/August 2010 I 7

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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010
President's Message
Executive Director's Column
Management: Preventative Maintenance for Sustainable Floors
Retailer Q&A: Keeping it Green
Mid-Year Conference Preview
New Members
Standards, Certfications and Legislation, Oh My!
What's Your Sustainability Strategy?
The Greenest of the Green
Tips & Trends
Advertisers' Index
Retailer Profile: Best Buy

Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010