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president’s message PRSM is Our Association he PRSM Board recently assessed our association strategies for the future at its annual strategy session. Membership growth and retention continue to be an area that the Board and I will focus on in 2010, and we will seek your help in growing our member base. It appears that most of you agree that PRSM has come a long way and has a lot to offer above and beyond the National Conference. I suggest, as a vendor, that you mention PRSM to your customer in your meetings and ask them to join if they aren’t already a member. The same applies to my friends on the customer side of the fence: if you have a good vendor, the best thing that you can do as a reward for strong performance is to open doors for them for more business. It’s worth repeating again and again: PRSM belongs equally to every member. You – yes, YOU – have a say in how this organization is run, and in turn you get a chance to influence this industry. PRSM is a non-profit, so unlike many organizations out there that claim to represent multi-site facilities, PRSM is not in this to make a profit. We are in the business of creating value. The beneficiaries of the fees and dues raised by PRSM go toward programs and education. Those funds are reinvested to support and build an even better organization. There are many PRSM Committees focused on supporting the role of the Facilities Manager. These volunteers represent all that is good about our industry and are giving us the benefit of their expertise, talent and time. My thanks to each of you. This magazine issue is dedicated to all areas of sustainability as it applies to your job. PRSM has an active Sustainability Council, co-chaired by Lisa Varga from Phoenix Energy Technologies and Nikki Springer of Wal-Mart Stores. The Council’s goals are T PAUL WALSH, President, PRSM Association Board of Directors and BLAKE MYCOSKIE, CEO and Chief Shoe-Giver, TOMS Shoes to raise the awareness of sustainability in the industry and find ways to influence decision makers for multi-site locations. The Sustainability Council’s plan includes: being the conduit for conveying legislation and regulatory issues; educating our members on the many different aspects of sustainability; creating a “go to” reference for terms and insight needed for understanding sustainability and an all-around resource to guide our members through this new and uncharted journey. Sustainability is only one component of the many ways we reinvest our finances and efforts to help our membership grow. PRSM, through its membership, is becoming a sphere of influence on many fronts, and the commitment from the Board and our members has allowed us to continually invest back into the industry. I want to say thanks again for all the well wishes that I have received since the National Conference. During the opening session, I spoke about the impact of the downturn on our industry. On a positive note, I believe that the strong are standing tall and that this, in many ways, will benefit the association in the long run. Again, you are PR SM. We need to hear your voice. E-mail me with your questions, suggestions, concerns ( As you continue your summer, remember our National Conference speaker, Blake Mycoskie from TOMS Shoes and remember that if you purchase a pair, you will be giving back a pair to a child in need (plus they are great for summer wear!). ● Paul Walsh is the Director of Construction, Architecture, Facilities Services, Strategic Sourcing for Gap, Inc. 8 I Professional Retail Store Maintenance •

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Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010
President's Message
Executive Director's Column
Management: Preventative Maintenance for Sustainable Floors
Retailer Q&A: Keeping it Green
Mid-Year Conference Preview
New Members
Standards, Certfications and Legislation, Oh My!
What's Your Sustainability Strategy?
The Greenest of the Green
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Retailer Profile: Best Buy

Professional Retail Store - July/August 2010