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THEME: THE POWER OF MARKETING Partner Relationship Management By Kristine Lewis, President, NTG Clarity Networks Inc. Business Development B usiness flourishes when a company attains a higher degree of diversification through expansions and partnerships. Most of the time an organization begins with a limited number of partnerships and alliances. Once a strong baseline is established, it is imperative for the company’s leadership to significantly increase partnerships and expand the company to increase its growth prospects in the near and long term. The moment an enterprise moves in this direction, traditional manual business processes hold the organization back from its long term goals. NTG Clarity’s NTS suite of products replaces these manual processes with a streamlined automated system that will allow the company to thrive. For instance, an automated NTS business process could be as simple as keeping contracts in a secure online repository, where search on a specific criterion could be accomplished while extending the ability to securely access this business intelligence from anywhere in the world. It could be as complex as finding potential partners and qualifying them with customized parameters. NTS can enable you and your partners to sell each other’s products or services as a bundle. The NTS suite of products binds and strengthens these business expansions immediately. NTS covers the complete value chain of partnerships via its rich Partnership Relationship Management Customer Operations Product Development Partner Relationship Management Product & Service Delivery Marketing & Branding Sales & Channels (PRM) system. This includes defining new businesses, creating new products or bundles, white label marketing, establishing new sales channels and work-streams, generating new delivery channels, and supporting distributed customer operations channels. This is all made possible in NTS via its strong and flexible PRM. PRM is designed to meet core business needs keeping the partner’s requirement in mind. Partners can enter in to agreements to supplement their own businesses and then automate the shared processes using the PRM system. For example partners can white THE label products or create bundles based on shared physical or virtual inventories using PRM. These inventories can reside at either partner’s location. The simplest example would be selling a laptop with a data SIM or USB dongle. From a service provider’s standpoint this would mean that a partner can sell a notebook or internet home router with its service included. It is a simple service for customers and allows both partners to leverage their strengths. Not only does shopping become easier but customers can also obtain service and support from one source. It is also possible for service providers to offer VOICE • • Fall/Winter 2011 47

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The RCA Voice Fall/Winter2011

2011/2012 Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter
A Message from the President & CEO
RCA 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners
Marketing Opportunities for Mobile Broadcast Messaging
Being Local and Winning — How Bluegrass Cellular Goes Local to Win New and Retain Existing Customers
How a Little Green Robot Changed My Digital Life!
Revolution Not Required — Turning Yourself Into a “What If” Company
The Power of Interactive Mapping
Drive Data ARPU via Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns
Comic Strip Nostalgia Is Epic
Texting for Success — The Power of SMS in Marketing Campaigns
RCA Carriers Get Creative to Boost Revenue from Short Codes
Successful Marketing Today for Tomorrow’s Customers
Partner Relationship Management
4G Is Not Enough to Accommodate Mobile Data and Video Delivery
The Smart Way to Make Money With ‘Dumb’ Phones
Transform Your Wireless Marketing
Using Application and Device Awareness to Power New Service Plans
The Link Between Brands and Untapped Markets: Rural Operators
5 Eff ective Customer Relationship Strategies that Drive Brand Advocacy
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo

The RCA Voice Fall/Winter2011