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Contents JANUARY/FEB R U A RY 2010 VOLUME 20 I S S U E 1 P H OTO C O U R T E SY O F WA X Y P H OTO G R A P H Y Christine Day, CEO of Lululemon Athletica Inc., engages with a customer at the company’s original location on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. FeaturesSTO R E D ES I G N DepartmentsLO S S P R E V E N T I O N S U P P L E M E N T 4 Publisher’s Desk 6 Shop Talk 45 Advertisers’ Index 46 You Asked Us Sobeys finds its fit with the urban crowd The urban-style supermarket trend is taking flight throughout Canadian city centres, evolving to meet the needs of consumers. I N YO U R I N T E R EST A Game of Cards — What’s Next? Merchants demanding competition and fairness in the debit and credit card industry in Canada. Secure national database key to combating retail organized crime Technology that allows interactivity and information sharing amongst retailers may be the answer to the call of many LP professionals. P L U S : War against online fraud heating up H U M A N R ES O U R C ES RETAIL GENERATIONS HR report offers insights into future of retail as a career Professionals discuss highlights of the report, offering areas to pursue for future research. Retailers challenged to rethink traditional marketing and HR initiatives Rapid development in communications technology and its use by different generational groups is fundamentally changing the way Canadian retailers engage and interact with customers and employees. M A R K E T I N G A N D A DV E R T I S I N G Quest to improve service is changing the way retailers collect information It’s no longer enough to have a stockpile of demographic or psychographic data on who’s likely to walk through your door; why they’re doing so and how they like to shop is just as important. ON THE COVER JA N UA RY/ F E B R UA RY 2 0 10 $4.95 R E TA I L P R O F I L E Core values, planning and perspective key to success of Lululemon The flourishing West Coast clothing apparel company outperformed many of its competitors last year. Canadian Retailer speaks to CEO Christine Day to find out how. MEMBER PROFILE Strength in Numbers: A Primer on Retail Buying Groups Buying groups provide independent retailers with purchasing power within the market, with each benefiting as members of Retail Council of Canada through vital services and advocacy. SUCCESS OF A BRAND Christine Day on values, planning, perspective and growth at Lululemon PAGE 20 LP SUPPLEMENT | GENERATIONS AND DEMOGRAPHICS | A SPECIAL TOUCH | HRSDC REPORT Photo by Waxy Photography | J A N UA R Y/ F E B R U A R Y 2 010 | C A N A D I A N R E TA I L E R | 3

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Canadian Retailer - January/February 2010
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Canadian Retailer - January/February 2010