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| retail forum 2perations O1 1 O ROUNDTABLE Leveraging all available resources to ensure consistently excellent customer service | By Sean C. Tarry by our store associates, and the operations team merely requests these changes with our technology partners. The process is relatively seamless because everyone is committed to the common goal of satisfying our customers’ needs. Natalie Penno, Vice President Operations, Holt Renfrew: In retail, our business is to service customers, and technology is an enabler to meet their needs supported through strategy. All functions of the team need to be involved, collaborating to translate the business requirements to ensure seamless store implementation that is optimal for the customer and their experience. Rick Perkins, Vice President Communications & Social Responsibility, Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation: It starts with our strategic plan as an organization to determine what we need to do to enhance our customers’ experience. There’s a lot that goes into developing that vision to ensure that technology is seamlessly incorporated - both technology that interacts with customers, but also technology for staff, and for our supply chain right on through. We generally set up teams on an issue - working groups that involve people at every level of the organiza- A As retail operations teams across the country plunge headlong into 2011, they are no doubt keeping their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and movements related to all things retail, and how they might be leveraged to ensure quality customer service. From the latest in technological innovation to consumer trends, Canadian Retailer spoke to five operations leaders to find out where the latest challenges and opportunities are, and what kind of impact these might have on Canadian retail moving forward. Here’s what they had to say: CANADIAN RETAILER: Considering the speed at which technology continues to advance and its many touch points within the retail environment, how do operations teams rally staff and the executive team to support the organization’s technology agenda? Brian Shaughnessy, Country Manager — Canada, Brooks Brothers: Our store operations team is always on the front lines listening to customers, our associates and working together to continually enhance the shopping experience. Many new ideas and innovations are initiated 18 | canadian retailer | winter 2011 |

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