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| publisher’s desk WINTER 2011 | VOLUME 21 ISSUE 1 publisher Diane J. Brisebois FLIPPING OVER! a s s o c i at e p u b l i s h e r Bill Yetman v i c e - p r e s i d e n t, m e m b e r s h i p Andrew Siegwart editor-in- chief Sean C. Tarry (416) 922-0553, ext. 286 art director Scott Newlands contributors It’s astonishing to think just how complex retail operations are today. And when we talk about inventory management, data analytics and supply chain management for example, we often assume they relate exclusively to large retail operations. However our cover story begs to differ as Triple Flip is one such business that seems to have its operations running smoothly. The independent Calgary-based retailer of preteen girls’ active apparel and accessories has enjoyed tremendous success in a very competitive Albertan retail environment while also fulfilling plans to expand the business. The company was founded and is run by two remarkable women – Linda Maslechko and Mona Rae Peterson. The pair featured on the cover and inside the magazine, share with Canadian Retailer their story of success, and how they built their brand from the ground up based on genuine customer engagement and grassroots community marketing. Read the feature article on page 24 to find out how this innovative independent retailer is making things happen. Also within this issue of Canadian Retailer, we take the opportunity to speak with Brian Shaughnessy (Brooks Brothers) Natalie Penno (Holt Renfrew) Rick Perkins (Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation) Andy McNevin (Lush Cosmetics) and Bill Hole (Hole’s Greenhouse and Garden Centre) as part of RCC’s 2011 Operations Roundtable to discuss the challenges facing retail operations’ teams today. Read what the panel has to say on page 18. I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome a new member of the Retail Council of Canada team into the fold. I’m pleased to inform our readers that Shafiq Jamal has recently been appointed Vice President, Western Canada, based in Vancouver. Shafiq brings retail, communications and public affairs experience to the association and is responsible for representing the needs and concerns of retailers in Western Canada, and strengthening our communication initiatives and the voice of retail from coast to coast. I hope you enjoy this edition of Canadian Retailer magazine, and thank you for your ongoing commitment toward the growth and wellbeing of the industry. For more information on RCC’s initiatives, programs and services, we invite you to visit us at Mark Beazley, Camilla Cornell, Andrew Hind, Steve Matyas, Robert Price, Michele Ramberg, Dale Roth d i r e c t o r o f p u b l i c at i o n s Bob Phillips project manager Alana Place sales manager Bill McDougall editorial office 1255 Bay Street, Suite 800 Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A9 Phone: (416) 922-6678 Fax: (416) 922-8011 a d v e r t i s i n g/ p r o d u c t i o n o f f i c e Naylor (Canada), Inc. 100 Sutherland Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3C7 Phone: (800) 665-2456 Fax: (800) 709-5551 Canadian Retailer is published six times each year by Retail Council of Canada. Members receive complimentary copies of the magazine with membership. The annual subscription rate for non-members is $36.75 + tax. Publication Mail Agreement No. 40063389 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Circulation Department 1255 Bay Street, Suite 800 Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A9 We welcome your article suggestions and any photographs pertaining to retailing in Canada. Please note the opinions expressed in Canadian Retailer do not necessarily reflect those of Retail Council of Canada. For article reprints, contact Naylor (Canada) at 1-800-665-2456 or visit articlereprints.asp. Diane J. Brisebois President and CEO Retail Council of Canada 4 | canadian retailer | winter 2011 |

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