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| closing time have your say LEVERAGING PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY TO COMBAT LOSS onsidering the most recent economic recession, coupled with limited resources for Loss Prevention departments to leverage, the job of the LP professional has become considerably more challenging over the past few years. Canadian Retailer asked LP professionals about the challenges and opportunities that have arisen for them in their quest to combat shrink and theft. NEW! C CAROLYN HOMES National Operations Loss Prevention Manager, Sears Canada Retail Organized Crime is a challenge that continues to impact the industry. In addition, we are also seeing the opportunist criminal becoming very active. As the industry makes changes that are positive to the rapidly changing needs of customers, LP needs to be vigilant and proactive in anticipating criminal activity that may follow. The biggest opportunity for LP is to partner with others in the industry and leverage technology to work faster and smarter. Technology such as Millimeter Wave Scanning systems and RCC DataShare are great examples of this. Another opportunity is for LP to educate associates regarding the impact of shrink and encourage them to participate in programs that will assist in all losses, such as “internal tip lines” that reward associates for doing the right thing. This will go a long way toward achieving our goals in these challenging times! BRENDAN ALEXANDER Director Loss Prevention, Best Buy Canada Ltd. As LP professionals, the question we need to continuously ask ourselves is, “what are the business objectives we are trying to accomplish?” Are we empowering the people we have to make decisions? Are we encouraging innovation within our teams with ideas and technology? Are we leading our teams with change? The business environment will continue to rapidly evolve and if we are not prepared to lead the change we are doing a disservice to our organizations. Challenges and opportunities always coexist in the LP environment, and it is up to us as leaders to anticipate, recognize and respond based on individual situations and relevant data. JOHN CRUSOE Director, Loss Prevention, The Beer Store The primary focus for our LP Department has always been, and continues to be, the protection of our most important assets – our people. Through employee awareness and education, along with strategic investment in security equipment and technology, we have seen a reduction in the frequency of and costs associated with external crime. This has resulted in greater safety and security for our employees and a positive ROI for the company. This, in conjunction with in-depth exception reporting and review of our point of sale data, has resulted in cost reductions and fewer incidents of both external and internal shrink. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TIM ARMSTRONG Loss Prevention Manager, HMV Canada Inc. When revenues recede, so do expenditures which can open retail locations to losses beyond budgeted allowances. To combat this scenario, LP professionals may find themselves going “back to basics”; utilizing store staff to identify and address problematic situations that could have a negative impact on shrink. The challenge with this for many retailers is a limited number of store staff available to cover the sales floor adequately while completing necessary daily and weekly tasks. This brings about an opportunity to train and develop store staff to manage customer service and awareness while maintaining operational responsibilities. When staff is able to execute daily initiatives and establish a presence on the sales floor, shrink issues can be addressed while keeping costs in check. Have Your Say — send your thoughts and opinions on this matter to Your insights may be featured within a future issue of Canadian Retailer, or on our website at 46 | canadian retailer | winter 2011 |

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