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| storefront shop talk RCC APPOINTS NEW WESTERN CANADA VICE PRESIDENT etail Council of Canada (RCC) began its 2011 operations with the exciting news that Shafiq Jamal has been appointed to the position of Vice President, Western Canada. As RCC continues with plans to aggressively expand its presence in Western Canada, Jamal’s appointment will assist the association in exceeding the expectations of members. Jamal brings to the association a wealth of experience in the areas of issues management, communications, media and community relations. Combining these assets with his knowledge of government relations and his experience working with government officials at all levels, Jamal is the ideal fit for the association. As Vice President of Western Canada, Jamal will be tasked to leverage R RCC HELPS SHED LIGHT ON NEW EFFICIENCY STANDARDS his experience and energy to lead the association’s team of government and member relations professionals in efforts to work with all stakeholders to elevate RCC’s government and member relations programs to the next level. Jamal has worked as Executive Vice President of Hogan & Associates of Vancouver, Director Corporate Communications at Best Buy Canada Ltd., as a consultant at Hill & Knowlton in British Columbia, and has also served in various capacities with the Canadian Red Cross Society. In addition to his primary responsibilities of providing retailers with effective and superior advocacy, benefits and services throughout the Western Canada provinces, Jamal will also lead the association’s Western Canada team in the development and execution of the association’s growth strategy. I n November 2010, Retail Council of Canada (RCC) entered into a partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in an ambitious project to help prepare retailers and consumers for the phase-out of inefficient lighting products. New lighting performance standards will phase out the use of inefficient light bulbs in common applications by 2012. These new efficiency standards will be complemented by new light bulb packaging regulations that will require manufacturers to provide a description of the amount of light the bulb produces and energy that it consumes. The overarching goal of this project is to ensure that a smooth transition is made by the retail industry when the new efficiency standard is introduced in 2012. This will be achieved by the association through: • addressing any barriers to the market penetration of energy efficient lamps • increasing awareness and use of efficient lighting solutions • minimizing misinformation, confusion, and anxiety among consumers • establishing a coordinated approach and common messaging for retailers in promoting new lighting products Many different components will be involved in the project, including one-on-one interviews with retailers to determine: • retailers’ current understanding of the phase-out of inefficient lighting • potential challenges concerning product supply and other transition issues • customer questions and concerns that might arise • proper timing to introduce training processes • ways to develop and distribute effective training and communication materials, and • any other support desired by the retailer As a result of these interviews, RCC will then take the necessary next steps by: • consulting with lighting manufacturers to determine the new products and energy efficient lighting technologies to be offered from 2012 onwards • working with lighting retailers across Canada to develop training and communication materials for store staff, and • providing an online survey that will be made available to all stakeholders For more information about the project, contact Matthew Hall, Senior Manager, Retail Council of Canada Member Programs, at 416.922.0553, or via email, 6 | canadian retailer | winter 2011 |

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