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Contents MAR C H /AP R I L 2010 VOLUME 20 I S S U E 2 P H OTO C O U R T E SY O F S I M O N W I L S O N Rob Grand, founder of Grassroots Environmental Products, is a pioneer in sustainability who began his green journey with the basics. Features 10 STO R E D ES I G N Departments 26 W H AT ’S YO U R I M PACT ? 4 Publisher’s Desk 6 Shop Talk 45 Advertisers’ Index 46 At Issue Let there be (energy efficient) light Energy efficiency retrofits bring savings and visual appeal to retail operations. 12 I N YO U R I N T E R EST RCC helping retailers reduce energy and costs Focusing on energy conservation and reduction has become a necessity. Find out how RCC can help you achieve this. On the journey to sustainability one footprint at a time Becoming more sustainable shouldn’t be an all or nothing commitment. We all have to start somewhere. And knowing how to identify your organization’s footprint and impact on the environment is a great first step. 28 R E TA I L E C O - C O N S C I O U S N ES S 14 E N V I R O N M E N TA L S U STA I N A B I L I T Y: B AC K TO B A S I C S Making waves with Grassroots’ Rob Grand The easiest, most effective way to get started on the path to sustainability is to make simple, basic changes that will improve your impact on the environment, and reduce your costs. Don’t believe it? Ask Rob Grand. The green team: creating an environmentally-minded culture Once your eco-footprint has been analyzed and understood, engaging staff with the idea of sustainability to drive the agenda through the whole of the organization is the natural next step. 34 G R E E N I N G T H E I N D U S T RY 19 H U M A N R ES O U R C ES S U PPL E M E N T Reward and mentor to retain top talent and improve bottom line Recruiting top talent is highly beneficial. Identifying top performers within your organization, and keeping them, is priceless. P L U S : Brand equation – get your brand working for you. Becoming greener all the time – together Retailers that are keen to make a move toward sustainability are not alone. Find out what other retailers within the industry are doing. ON THE COVER 38 R E TA I L P R O F I L E Vancouver-area retailers welcome the international community The Olympics provided lively streetscapes and a vivacious atmosphere. Canadian Retailer visited Robson Street in Vancouver to speak to retailers about their preparation for this special event. Photo by Simon Wilson | M A R C H /A P R I L 2 010 | C A N A D I A N R E TA I L E R | 3

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Canadian Retailer - March/April 2010
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Canadian Retailer - March/April 2010