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CONTENTS SPRING 2011 VOLUME 21 ISSUE 2 As barriers to e-Commerce development fall, entry becomes easier for retailers of all sizes. Find out how on page 34. FEATURES 16 SECTOR SPOTLIGHT RCC forms new grocery division The voice of Canada’s retail industry just became stronger with the formation of RCC’s grocery division designed to address issues unique to the country’s retail grocery sector. 18 MOBILE TRENDS The titans of mobile As the mobile world continues to develop at a rapid rate, many retailers are wondering what’s next. Canadian Retailer speaks to Rogers, Telus, Bell and Wind to find out. 22 MARKETING Promoting your brand in the digital age Canadians are the most active users of the Internet in the whole world. So it’s no surprise that most companies are revamping their marketing strategies to target the growing expanse of consumers going online. 26 ECONOMY We’re number 1 The Canadian retail industry contributes significantly to the overall health of the Canadian economy, leading all other industries with best practices. 28 THE INTERNET Virtually revolutionizing online behaviour retailers continue to adapt their operations to cater to their online customers, influencing the industry and e-Commerce best practices like never before. 30 e-COMMERCE Back to front Successful e-Commerce today has more moving parts than anyone would have ever dreamed possible. Find out how successful e-tailers are supporting their e-Commerce platforms, from back to front. 38 THE CONSUMER Trending consumer behaviour… online The Internet and the power of mobility have dramatically altered the shopping experience and make purchases. Find out exactly what the Canadian consumer is doing online today. 42 RETAIL: AT ISSUE Dissolving Borders Cross-border shopping today might be a fraction of what it was in the 1980s, but have no doubt: it still costs local communities billions of dollars each year. DEPARTMENTS 4 6 10 12 14 45 46 PUBLISHER’S DESK SHOP TALK MOBILE RETAIL LEADERSHIP SERIES IN YOUR BEST INTEREST ADVERTISERS’ INDEX HAVE YOUR SAY ON OUR COVER Image ©Wei Lan/Masterfile | spring 2011 | canadian retailer | 3

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Canadian Retailer - Spring 2011
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RCC Forms New Grocery Division
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Promoting Your Brand in the Digital Age
We’re Number 1
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Canadian Retailer - Spring 2011