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| The Consumer Trending consumer behaviour… ONLINE How the Internet and mobility are influencing the Canadian consumer's purchasing decisions | By D’Arcy Jenish I n early December last year, a young man who blogs under the handle “HAZ171717” had a radio deck installed in his car at an electronics provider’s outlet in Chicago and was very pleased with the work. On the other hand, a blogger named “candreae” from Cincinnati hired a team from the same electronics provider to assemble a TV stand for his mother last June – and he wasn’t happy with the results. Here’s what “candreae” had to say: “The guy basically tightened three bolts and put the stand in the corner and plopped the TV on top and that was that...Next time I’ll save my roughly $200 and use it to get a wrench.” Ouch!! Those comments and others like them appear on customer review websites all the time, and they can be bad for business—really bad. However, understanding your customer, their complaint about your service, and acting on their feedback can also strengthen your connection with them. And, in the emerging digital marketplace, with its Twitters, Facebooks, YouTubes and customer review sites--the consumer, now more so than ever before, is king, and retailers can benefit from what they have to say. “If you don’t pay attention to what people are saying about you online a molehill can quickly become a mountain,” says Ann Calder, Director of Retail Solutions for SAS Canada. “The public has the world at its fingertips.” Indeed some observers contend that the Internet and the social media offspring it has spawned are fundamentally altering the dynamics of retailer-customer relations. “Consumers are using technology to really shift power away from retailers and toward themselves,” says John Dawkins, IBM Canada’s Retail Sector Leader. 65 % The year-over-year increase in the number of Canadians who are “instrumented” shoppers because they use a website, mobile device or in-store kiosk to assist in purchasing decisions. And that’s more than just a casual observation. In early March, IBM released the results of a global survey of Internet use by 30,000 consumers in 13 countries, including Canada where more than 2,000 people participated. It revealed a 65 per cent, year-over-year increase in the number of Canadians who are what IBM calls “instrumented” 38 | canadian retailer | spring 2011 |

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