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THE SEGMENTED CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY ENABLING AN ENHANCED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ACROSS MULTIPLE CHANNELS BY SEAN C. TARRY C urrent technological development, it seems, is moving at a speed that surpasses anything ever before seen to date. Innovation brought into the marketplace by vendors is perpetual, and considering the adoption of these advances is, more often than not, necessary to ensure that business continues to move forward seamlessly. The implications presented to retailers are perhaps more comprehensive and immediate than they are for those operating in any other industry. And, the speed at which retailers assess these technologies and make their decisions concerning implementing them into their day-to-day operations is critical to stay ahead of the industry curve and to continue enhancing the customer experience, both in store and online. To help retailers build on their existing IT infrastructure and strategies, IDC Retail Insights – a global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets - spoke with technology vendors, strategic consultants, and a wide variety of retail stakeholders to determine what may be in store for retailers with respect to technology in 2012. Here are the IT and consumer trends that the IDC research team offers as its outlook for the year ahead: 22 | canadian retailer | spring 2012 |

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