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PUBLISHER’S DESK Canadian retailers continue to innovate and inspire, increasing their meaning and value SPRING 2012 | VOLUME 22 ISSUE 2 publisher Diane J. Brisebois a s s o c i at e p u b l i s h e r Bill Yetman s e n i o r v i c e - p r e s i d e n t, m e m b e r s h i p O ne thing that you can always count on in retail, despite the sector or the region of the country that you operate in – the industry is constantly changing. Whether you’re talking about technological innovation, customer preferences and expectations, online customer activity or their actions and behaviour in store… the change that we notice on a daily basis is comprehensive and inevitable. This change, more often than not, presents a number of challenges to retailers with respect to what is considered by many to be their efforts in “keeping up” with the attitudes and habits of consumers and the advancement of technology. But, is it really the retailer that plays “keep up” with the consumer and technology? In this issue of Canadian Retailer magazine we take a look at some of the innovation and strategy being implemented by retailers across the country – leveraging technology and consumer trends – to ‘Reinvent Retail’ in order to enhance the customer experience and continuously improve their offering and operations. Also within this issue we sit down with some of our independent members to generate some discussion and to hear from them where they believe the challenges and opportunities can be found for small business, and about the things they’re doing to not only survive in today’s unpredictable and fluctuating economy, but to continue growing as well. We also continue to look at the evolving Canadian consumer in our yearlong ‘Segmented Consumer’ series, focusing on the ways consumers interact with today’s technology and the related opportunities for retailers to capitalize on these trends and improve the service that they offer. Andrew Siegwart editor-in- chief Sean C. Tarry (416) 922-0553, ext. 286 art direction Scope Media contributors Without question, the challenges faced by retailers are unlike those faced by any other industry. But, as a result of an innovative approach and an undying enthusiasm to consistently enhance the customer experience, both in store and online, retailers all across the country are ‘Reinventing Retail’ and ensuring continued growth and success for their operations. It’s my pleasure to present this special coverage of the industry to you and hope that it provides some ideas and inspiration for you and your teams to remain ahead of the curve and on top of your game in this highly competitive industry. I’d also ask that you continue to provide us with your comments and feedback with respect to the articles that we deliver through Canadian Retailer magazine. Your insights are always very much appreciated and allow us to continuously strengthen our content concerning the top-of-mind issues affecting the industry. Sincerely, Gayle Chong, Camilla Cornell, Denise Deveau, Allen Langdon, Eve Lazarus, Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco, Robert Price, Matt Semansky, John Stanton d i r e c t o r o f p u b l i c at i o n s Bob Phillips project manager Alana Place sales manager Bill McDougall editorial office 1255 Bay Street, Suite 800 Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A9 Phone: (416) 922-6678 Fax: (416) 922-8011 a d v e r t i s i n g/ p r o d u c t i o n o f f i c e Naylor (Canada), Inc. 100 Sutherland Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3C7 Phone: (800) 665-2456 Fax: (800) 709-5551 Canadian Retailer is published six times each year by Retail Council of Canada. Members receive complimentary copies of the magazine with membership. The annual subscription rate for non-members is $36.75 + tax. Publication Mail Agreement No. 40064978 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Circulation Department 1255 Bay Street, Suite 800 Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A9 We welcome your article suggestions and any photographs pertaining to retailing in Canada. Please note the opinions expressed in Canadian Retailer do not necessarily reflect those of Retail Council of Canada. For article reprints, contact Naylor (Canada) at 1-800-665-2456 or visit Diane J. Brisebois President and CEO, Retail Council of Canada 4 | canadian retailer | spring 2012 |

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