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| RETAIL INNOVATION The two-way CONVERSATION Technology empowering both retailer and consumer, presenting numerous opportunities and an exciting new partnership that will help the Canadian retail industry grow even further | By Andrew Hind N   o single development within the retail industry has promised to reshape the retail landscape as the Internet. The day when retailers controlled the flow of information, is gone. The Internet has irreversibly shifted the relationship between retailer and consumer, enabling a two-way communication - empowering consumers with a huge amount of online information that they can research about products and services before making an informed purchase, providing even more power for the retailer in the way of consumer insights that they can act upon to cater their products and services to their customers’ tastes and preferrences. Google recognizes this shift, and indeed has been at its forefront. “At Google, our mission has always been to organize the world’s information, and advertising is arguably the world’s most prolific form of information,” says Andrew Swartz, Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google Canada. “Our goal is to use our technology to help transform the advertising ecosystem into a more relevant, transparent and efficient system.” ONLINE ADVERTISING The impact of Google’s investment in online advertising has had a dramatic impact on the retail industry--uniquely so in Canada---and prom- ises to shape even further the way retailers do business and the shopping habits of consumers in the coming years. “E-commerce is only 5-10% of commerce in Canada, but that’s expected to double from $16.5 billion to $30.9 billion by 2015,” says Mike Lorenc, head of Google’s Sales and Accounting Management teams servicing Canada, citing a projection published in the February 2011 edition of eMarketer. “More tellingly, the Internet plays a role in as many as 60% of all retail purchases---including those at bricks-and-mortar stores---through online research. Studies show that for every $1 purchase made online, the In- 22 | canadian retailer | summer 2011 |

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