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| HR Trends forecast Human Resources By Andrew Hind Retail organizations face significant business challenges o over the next five to ten years. And, as a result, human resources d departments throughout the industry will have to adapt to k keep pace with a rapidly changing landscape. The exodus of Boomers from full-time positions within the industry, a diversifying workforce in Canada, and continuing technological innovation are but a few of the major issues which will critically impact the way retailers look at labour, and the ways in which they go about fulfilling the needs within their organizations. Within this article, we’ll attempt to offer 18 | canadian retailer | july/august 2010 | some insight into these key issues and others that are presently shaping the efforts of HR professionals, and laying the groundwork with respect to the work that’s to be done over the coming decade. Baby Boomers: Challenges and Opportunities When one predicts the future of labour in Canada, a single fact looms large over the entire discussion: over the coming decade, almost all of Canada’s 9.6 million baby boomers (a figure representing a quarter of the population) will

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Canadian Retailer - July/August 2010
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Canadian Retailer - July/August 2010