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| HR Profile >Ferio Pugliese, Executive Vice President, People, WestJet WestJet's Next time you disembark a WestJet plane you might just glance back and catch Ferio Pugliese, Executive VicePresident, People, cleaning the gum and candy wrappers out of your seat pocket. Of course it could also be your pilot or maybe Clive Beddoe, Founder and Chairman of the Board. Having employees clean the plane saves the company up to $12 million a year, improves the company’s all-important ontime performance, and more importantly, tells the airline’s 8,000-plus employees that WestJet is not a place that stands on ceremony—everybody pitches in. “To steal the words from our Chairman and Founder,” 28 | canadian retailer | july/august 2010 | People Promise By: Eve Lazarus says Pugliese. “WestJet was built on the premise of sharing the load.” Most people are now familiar with the Calgary-based airline’s famous tagline, “Why do WestJetters care so much? Because we’re also WestJet owners.” It isn’t just clever marketing, it’s the employees who are the public face and the personality of the airline. And it’s the culture that is WestJet’s biggest competitive advantage. It’s a powerful human resources strategy and it is at the root of the airline’s financial success. Watch an ad for the airline and you know that the leader-

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