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| HR: People Management Coaching Mentoring By: Helen Racanelli Yo You expect a great deal from your employees. Competency. Fr Friendliness. Loyalty. Punctuality. And why shouldn’t you? They’re on your payroll after all.You figure they owe you that. But you also owe them. And not only something as intangible as gratitude for helping to maintain and grow your business, nor merely as pragmatic as dollars and cents. You owe them access to great coaching and mentoring. Consider it an investment. Contribute time and resources into helping your employees do their jobs better, and you’ll boost your bottom line. Still doubtful? Here’s a look at how three successful retailers, from small to large, are providing comprehensive coaching and 30 | canadian retailer | july/august 2010 | & mentoring and reaping the rewards. “Mentoring is so important,” says Julia Rainford, a manager of the ten-person workforce at the Granville Street location of Country Furniture in Vancouver. “Everything you teach your staff reflects on you, your business and your skills,” she says, speaking from almost five years of experience at the family-owned furniture company with three other locales, established in 1979. “You’re a manager because of the skills you have, so share them,” she says. Model the behaviour you would like to see among your staff, and, though it sounds counterintuitive, don’t hesitate to train others who want to

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Canadian Retailer - July/August 2010
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Canadian Retailer - July/August 2010