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| store design in-store technology Improve sales and customer experience BY CORINNA vanGERWEN Like any retailer, you want to create the best store possible.You want your customers to enjoy themselves and to come back again and again. And of course, you want to sell lots of products and services. One tool to help you do that is in-store technology such as digital signage and kiosks. They can contribute to a better overall customer experience, assist with purchasing decisions, improve employee knowledge, and even lead to a growth in sales. But what are your options and how do you integrate technology into your overall store design? The Hardware One of the more effective forms of in-store technology is electronic display such as kiosks and digital signage, often called digital place-based media. Some show video or a rotating series of static or semi-static images; others require customer interaction, like touch-screens, resulting in different levels of customer engagement. With advances in technology, the options for in-store implementation have grown as costs have come down. There’s a trend toward technical integration, so the display, media player and software are all rolled into one unit. And while multiple interactive kiosks or video walls across many locations may be an option for a larger company, a single-location small business might simply place a digital photo frame on a shelf next to merchandise. Whatever size your operation and whatever your budget, you can make technology work for you. Benefits From televisions to kiosks, the use of technology in store offers retailers the opportunity to convey a lot more information in a lot less space. “Digital signage has a higher value than static posters,” says Lyle Bunn, a consultant 12 | canadian retailer | september/october 2010 |

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Canadian Retailer - September/October 2010
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Canadian Retailer - September/October 2010