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| environmental sustainability ecoTechnology Reducing your footprint and costs BY ALEXANDRA LOPEZ-PACHECO Regardless of their size, retailers that want to reduce g heir their ecological footprint all have to follow the same bas steps—and then keep going one step at a time, says basic ary Gary Faryon, Senior Manager of Operations, Mountain ipm Equipment Co-op. “Think of it in terms of layers: you start wit the culture, you need to measure and underwith stand your footprint, start with the low hanging fruit, and eventually you do get into more technology.” For retailers that have reached the step where they are considering that vast array of the latest high-tech solutions that can help them reduce their footprint, a great place to start investing, says Faryon, is in lighting, which has a high ROI, especially the next generation LED lighting that many believe will eventually be the lighting of choice for retailers and businesses. “On a micro level, there are all kinds of technologies I can implement to save money and energy.” -Rob Grand, Grassroots Inc. And although many of the technological advancements that can reduce a retailer’s impact on the environment are affordable only to larger players in the industry, we do live in the technological era, so even smaller independent retailers with limited resources that have embarked on the journey, and are taking all the right steps, have tech options available to them to help lighten their eco-step. “On a micro level, there are all kinds of technologies I can implement to save money and energy,” says Rob Grand, Chief Executive Officer, Grassroots Inc., which began its environmentally friendly retail journey in 1994 when it first opened its stores in Toronto. “For example, we do a lot of our heavy backups and end-of-day processes after hours. It’s all automatic. We have software that does this and once that’s done, it powers down the computers until we need them again in the morning.” Using laptops as cash registers, he says, is also far more energy efficient. “We also use the internet to reduce printing,” he says. “We’ve created our own Wiki site. It’s totally free technology through Google and it’s all password protected. Traditionally, most retailers have 20 | canadian retailer | september/october 2010 |

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Canadian Retailer - September/October 2010
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Canadian Retailer - September/October 2010