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Contents What’s on the cover? Step #1 – If you don’t already have a barcode scanning application on your smartphone, visit to download the free Scanlife application Step #2 – Use the Scanlife application on your smartphone to scan the barcode on this month’s cover Step #3 – The code will direct your smartphone browser to information relevant to QR (Quick Response) codes, how to use them, and how retailers can benefit from this technology SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 VOLUME 20 ISSUE 5 Snap tag! If you don’t have a smartphone and are unable to scan the QR code on the cover, see page 11 for additional information that can help you get started. the Features 12 STORE DESIGN > In-store technology Retailers are always looking at ways to improve the shopping experience for their customer and increase sales. In-store technology is one way they’re making this happen. 16 MOBILE RETAIL > Mobilizing the brand Retailers that begin taking advantage of this new channel now will increase their visibility and brand image, and will get ahead of the curve with respect to a growing technological consumer trend. 18 SOCIAL MEDIA > The power of the group As the use of social media passes from the hands of early adopters to mainstream Canadians, retailers can expect more customers to demand access to them through social media applications. And retailers that meet this demand will ensure the growth and success of their brand. 20 ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY > Eco-tech: Reducing your footprint and costs Despite their size, there are simple, cost effective things that all retailers can do to limit their impact on the environment and reduce their operating costs at the same time. 28 HUMAN RESOURCES > e-Training: empowering your staff To equip employees with the knowledge and tools they need to better serve customers, many retailers are turning to Web-based platforms for anytime, anywhere training and information. 30 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE > How well do you know your customer? As retailers continue to seek more ways to better understand their customers and provide them with an exceptional shopping experience, it’s a safe bet that they will increasingly turn to the crystal ball provided by business analytics to seek guidance. 32 TECHNOLOGY TRENDS > Tech trends 2011 Technology advances at an incredible rate. So too does the retail industry. Canadian Retailer spoke to some of the industry’s leading consultants and technology providers and developers to gain their insights concerning the latest tech trends affecting retail today. 34 ONLINE RETAILING > Making the online connection As Canadian consumers begin to make more purchases through online channels, retailers continue to look at ways to enhance their online presence. What are the smart retailers doing? Departments 4 6 45 46 PUBLISHER’S DESK SHOP TALK ADVERTISERS’ INDEX YOU ASKED US ON T HE COV ER Photos by: Joan Vicent Cantó. Photography | september/october 2010 | canadian retailer | 3

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Canadian Retailer - September/October 2010
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Canadian Retailer - September/October 2010