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| member profile W ant to know what your customers are looking for in a retail experience? Ask them. That simple concept has become the core of Wind Mobile’s approach, says Wind chairman Anthony Lacavera, and is the reason behind Since launching in September 2008— long before the Wind name was established and before Wind officially started offering services in December 2009—the forum has been giving Canadians a place to of the Wind Mobile site—and allowed Wind to collect an enormous amount of information about what Canadians were looking for in a wireless experience, Lacavera says. Some requests were unreasonable—like those by consumers looking for a free phone with unlimited calling at no cost—but there was plenty of valuable information to help Wind form its strategy. Turning conversation into action The result: Wind doesn’t lock customers in with long contracts, for example, and unlocked phones allow customers to consider other carriers if they’re not happy. While critics say this could cost Wind customers in the long run, Lacavera says it simply puts the onus on Wind to continually improve its service to customers. In other words, Lacavera says: “If we don’t earn your business next month, you’re free to go.” And the forum revealed a few surprises as well. “I had no idea how large of a concern it was for Canadians that they couldn’t actually predict what their monthly mobile phone bill would be,” says Lacavera. “It was in the top two or three concerns for Canadians. They’d say, ‘I feel like I’m paying too much for what I get, yes, but my bigger concern is that I can’t predict what I’m going to be charged. I can’t budget for it.’ ” Wind responded by simplifying its own billing structure. “There are only three plans and they’re all unlimited plans,” he says. “The idea of a metre for data or a metre for long distance or a metre for minutes is something we just took right out of the equation.” The hope is that giving people what they want will be the key to a bigger piece of an enormous pie. Wireless revenues in Canada totalled $16.9 billion for 2009, according to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Customer Feedback Leveraging the wind of change By: Michael McKinnon voice their grievances and experiences with wireless. And it’s a concept, says Lacavera, that the company owes a lot of its initial success to. Creating a current of conversation “Before we mapped out any specific elements of our product or offerings, pricing or plans, we initiated first with Canadians a conversation about wireless and what was working well and, frankly, what needed to be improved,” explains Lacavera. “We found the conversation really took off; it was huge. The power of conversation has become the anchor of the Wind brand.” The forum boasted close to 100,000 posts before it was closed—visiting the address now brings users directly to the community section 32 | canadian retailer | november/december 2010 |

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