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FEATURE 2010 ORCGA Board of Directors, 19 Industry Stakeholders and Five Members at Large: Working Together for a Safer Ontario Regulator John Marshall Locators Ken Ritchie Lori O’Doherty, Meeting & Event Coordinator; Jim Douglas, President, and Brenda Dobrindt, Office Administrator. Electric Transmission Len McMillan Home Builders TBA Safety Organization Terry Kirsch Member at Large Mike Scarland Member at Large Michael Jensen Member at Large Joe Accardi Member at Large Jenifer Robertson Member at Large Gary Carroll 2010 ORCGA Board of Directors. Gas/Oil James Whittaker Electrical Distribution Robert Gregoris One Call Centre Mark Brabant (Accu-Link) Excavator Jack Kottelenberg Equipment Dave Wulff Landscaping/Fencing Sally Harvey Insurance Michael Callery Telecommunications Leslie Elliott Municipal & Public Works Gord MacMillan Road Builders Peter Mackie (Aecon) Land Surveying Gary Auer Railway Kevin McKinnon Engineering Lawrence Arcand Transmission Pipeline Cecil Blair 519.856.1409 dupc.ca COMMITTED TO PROGRESS The Ontario Concrete and Drain Contractors Association supports efforts in the promotion of public safety and damage prevention through “Best Practices” initiatives. The OCDCA is a proud member of the ORCGA OCDCA 400 Creditstone Road, Unit 6, Concord, Ontario L4K 3Z3 Tel.: (905) 660-7676 Gas • Hydro • Telephone • Cable • Sewer Rebar • Underground Tanks • Fibre Optic Water • Septic • Well Head • In Floor Heating Concrete Imaging • Fault Finding • and more... 15 SPRING 10 422133_ontario.indd 1 3/6/09 11:23:26 AM 439070_DownUnder.indd 1 8/12/09 11:24:02 AM http://www.dupc.ca

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Ear to the Ground - Spring 2010
President's Message
Watermain Replacement Projects Using HDD
Why Locating is Becoming Increasingly Difficult
Legal Spotlight
ORCGA's 2010 Symposium
2010 Orcga Board of Directors, 19 Industry Stakeholders and Five Members at Large: Working Together for a Safer Ontario
The Best in Class
Welcome to the Hall

Ear to the Ground - Spring 2010