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PLAN GREEN Green Practices By Ann Koralewski, MS, CMP, CGMP  SOMETIMES BEING GREEN is not just good for the environment, it is good for your budget as well. Below are some simple suggestions to put green in both your meetings and your pockets. • Online registration and confirmation – Many meetings have already made the move to online registration, but there are some factions of the industry that have been reluctant for one reason or another. The key to making this a truly green and cost-effective change is to go solely online in both registration and confirmation. This saves you the cost of printing and mailing both registration forms and confirmation letters. And with the right online system, it should save you man power as well. • Water stations – A very simple way to make a big impact is to provide water stations at your meetings as opposed to bottled water. This dramatically reduces the amount of waste your meeting will produce as well as making a significant impact on your budget. • Electronic materials – Providing your meeting material to your participants electronically gives them the option to print if they like or work from the electronic version if that suits them better. If you have the capacity, delivering the materials to them beforehand is always appreciated so that they can prepare themselves for the meeting in the way they prefer best. • Reduce giveaways – A large portion of meeting participants throw away the collateral materials they receive at meetings including the conference giveaway. You can set up a marketing corner at your meeting where your sponsors or benefactors can display their brochures and collateral material. Attendees who are interested can take what they like and avoid what doesn’t apply to them. If your materials are electronic and you are not handing out collateral this eliminates the need for a conference bag. • Generic event signage – For recurring meetings, avoid placing dates and locations on your signs and banners so that you can utilize them from meeting to meeting. This will allow you to print them once and then only need to reprint them as needed due to wear and tear or content changes. • Reduce transportation needs – Selecting a property that is in walking distance of eateries and any offsite venues you might need to utilize will reduce the impact on the environment of busing participants as well as cutting a large ticket item from your budget. • Edible centerpieces – Consider replacing you r f lor a l center pieces w ith an attractive dessert display. While providing your guests a unique take on a center piece, this is a low or no cost way to have a great centerpiece that doubles as your banquet dessert. • Buy local – Purchase meeting materials locally to avoid shipping costs. While the costs might be slightly higher, the lack of shipping fees and hotel receiving fees will offset some of the increased cost. Ann Koralweski is a trustee for the Gilmer Institute of Learning. “ 14 Green meetings benefit the environment and your budget. ” GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS | FALL 2012

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