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the major’s PERSPECTIVE Information is Knowledge By Tom O’Leary TxAPA Major Associate Committee t the time of this writing, the mixes are properly designed, TxDOT gives the industry Texas Asphalt Pavement Assothe ability to do grade substitutions. Grade substituciation’s Mid Year meeting just tions means going from higher modified asphalts such ended a week ago. Albuquerque and as PG 76 -22 down to 70s or even PG 64-22s, another the Sandia Resort were a great locathing I have to admit as a producer of Polymer Modified tion for the meeting. Asphalt that is a less than great thing when you have Derek Angel, Marketing Committee the investment of a polymer facility. This, too, we will Chairman, presented a sample of adjust to the needs of the market. the Marketing Tool Kit. This kit conThe Seal Coat Committee is planning seminars tains a tremendous amount of information from the and developing new training. In this training, one National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), Texas of the presentations focuses on taking and handling Asphalt Pavement Association (TxAPA) and the Texas of liquid binder samples. There have been instances Department of Transportation where improper sampling has (TxDOT). Having all this inforproduced test results that mation in one folder to hand were not representative of the When you consider our out to potential customers is binder being tested. So, the wonderful! What a great job carbon footprint verses the Seal Coat Committee is putting Derek is doing. together presentations to train At the Mid Year meetconcrete industry’s footprint, persons responsible on how to ing, something that really properly sample and handle stuck in my mind was the we are so much GREENER. materials. This will reduce conEnvironmental Going Green tamination and help ensure presentation that Robert good representative samples. I Lee, P.E. of TxDOT and Gary Nichols of Westward know our partners in the Major Associates group pride Environmental presented. Something they brought themselves on delivering quality products to the job. to light was that when you consider our carbon footIt is our goal to see that all steps are taken to ensure print verses the concrete industry’s footprint, we are we are receiving accurate results. so much GREENER. Producing cement and ready mix The main focus is to promote our product, asphalt concrete in contrast to refining asphalt for producing pavements in the most positive way we can. The way Hot Mix Asphaltic Pavement creates extensively more to accomplish that is to make sure everyone knows tons of carbon per year. that asphalt pavements are the most environmentally Moreover, we can take that even further when using friendly, best value, easy to maintain, smoothest and Warm Mix additives and lowering mix temperatures. most durable pavement money can buy. This reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat the In closing, Kyle Swaner wrote an article, Texas aggregates prior to injecting the liquid binder onto Changes Asphalt Pavements. He wrote that some people the aggregates during production. In addition, when were resistant to change. We all know in this day and you drop the temperatures during production of Hot age that if you do not change with the times and make Mix Asphalt to below 275 degrees F, you eliminate the the adjustments, you will be left behind. “If you don’t blue smoke normally seen at the plant. make the dust, you eat the dust.” Replacing up to 40% of our virgin materials with So, let’s make the dust. ✪ Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) will allow us to use less virTom O’Leary is an Area Sales Manager with Ergon Asphalt gin asphalt—something I am not very fond of. When & Emulsions Lion Oil Company. Texas Asphalt Magazine FALL 2010 11 A

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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010
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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010