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associate member FORUM Associate Member Committee: The Year Moves On By Larry Peirce TxAPA Associate Member Committee The broad array of companies that make up our ’ve been to plenty of meetings, Associate Membership in TxAPA can have a significonferences, luncheons and other cant voice, and we must work to get the message events related to the transportation to our elected officials that transportation must industry over the last several months remain on the front burner. here in Texas and beyond and the theme The Associate Members of TxAPA must also is pretty much the same. While the venremember the unique connection we have to the ues represented different sectors of the Regular and Major Associate members of this active transportation industry, each with their organization. Through the own specific mismany activities we sponsor sion, the discussion both at each year, our group enjoys the podium and in the lobbies Every segment of our access to the best highway outside the formal sessions construction companies in the invariable turned to this: How transportation industry state. is transportation construction TxAPA serves as a conduit going to be adequately fundneeds to pull together in for relationship building, infored in the future so that transportation needs will be met these times to make our mation sharing and technology transfer. Our Technology and our industry will have Showcases are a hit, and we available work in the near and voice heard. have excellent topics in the long term? works for the fall and winter. Our legislative leaders in In addition, we are encouraged to host an Associate Transportation understand this funding crisis and Member Forum during the Annual Meeting. Last know something needs to be done. The possible fixes years presentation on the growing role of Regional discussed well ahead of session run the gamut as Mobility Authorities by Mike Hieligenstein, Executive open minds listen. Everything from a gas tax increase Director of the Central Texas RMA (CTRMA) was very to indexing to relaxing restrictions on CDAs to local informative. options have been thrown out as possibilities. Some The dedicated staff at TxAPA is planning and are tough sales, with little hope. working hard towards another great conference this While I know our industry is very in tune to all fall, and the Associate Members will play a signifiof this, we must remember that come session, we cant role in insuring its success. Thank you for your will be competing with every other under-funded generous support throughout the year and let’s help industry and interest in a state with a growing make our annual meeting the best ever. ✪ shortfall and as important as this is to the state and us, we run the risk of getting lost in the legisLarry Peirce is the Business Director of the Transporlative shuffle. Every segment of our transportation tation and Infrastructure division at Fugro Consultants, industry needs to pull together in these times to Inc. Contact him at lpeirce@fugro.com. make our voice heard. I Texas Asphalt Magazine FALL 2010 13

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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010
President’s Message
Executive Vice President’s Message
The Major’s Perspective
Associate Member Forum
Partners in Quality
Cover Feature: TxAPA Members Meet in Albuquerque
TxAPA’s 36th Annual Meeting Preview
Company Spotlight: TxAPA Pioneers: Moore Brothers Construction Co.
TxAPA’s History: Fundamentals and Innovation in Diffi cult Times
The Environmental Corner: Earning LEED Credits with Asphalt
Roadtec Breaks Ground for New Training Center
New Members
Calendar of Events
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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010