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TxAPA’S HISTORY: By Gary Corley Fundamentals and Innovation in Difficult Times ies were comparative using lower temperatures (225-275 degrees) versus the standard higher temperatures of 325 degrees plus. In all five studies, the percent of density of the lower temperature mixes were equal to, and most often exceeded the higher temperature mixes. In addition the coating of the aggregate and the working viability of the mixes met all criteria. And all of this was achieved with no additives or water injection as is being used in today’s warm mix process. This article appeared on the heels of a NAPA study of lower temperature mixes in the September newsletter. For those who can recall, the mid seventies were a time of severe oil shortages and even long lines at gas stations. Given these circumstances, it is curious that a warm mix process was not embraced long ago. In the April 1977 newsletter, the officers and directors for 1977, elected at the membership meeting in January were announced. The president was John Deatherage of Texas Bitulithic and Sonny Price of Price Construction was the president elect. Jack Glasgow of H.B.Zachry Co. was the secretary-treasurer. They were joined by directors Haskell Motherall, W.R. Boyd, Jones Finke and Joe C. Moore. The remainder of the newsletter and much of the July newsletter are given to basics of asphalt construction and extending life of pavements with overlays. Much of these articles was taken from a slide presentation given to the Texas Public Works Association. This is our association doing what it does best-educate. In addition, the association sponsored a series of regional seminars designed to educate smaller group about the virtues of asphalt, much as we do today. The 1977 Annual Meeting was held at the Marriot Hotel in Dallas. Recycling was a big topic discussed at the meeting, a topic that we will cover in depth in our next article. There was a dinner dance on Saturday night and big doings for the ladies during the day with a fashion seminar and a shopping tour. ✪ Gary Corley, Territory Manager for BOMAG, is the Association Representative and Associate Member Board Director. He is heavily involved in the history of TxAPA. He can be reached at (513) 254-4135 or grcorley@comcast.net. T he newsletter of December 1976 describes a meeting of the association at the Driskill Hotel ( which was attended by sixty members and associates), in which Mr. Haskell Lemon from Oklahoma spoke to the group. Mr. Lemon was then chairman of Lemon Construction Company of Oklahoma City. Mr. Lemon described the evolution of his company from strictly a mobile highway contractor to a partial permanent based marketing operation located in Oklahoma City selling hot mix asphalt to other users. Apparently his strategy was paying dividends as half of his total production was being sold to other users. This tactic had helped the company weather the difficult times of the mid seventies. He stressed the need of marketing for such a concept to work effectively and location was extremely important. In the same publication there is an extremely interesting job story of, yes once again – mixing and laydown of asphalt at lower temperatures. It involved a study of five jobs and the resulting benefits were all of the same that the industry is enjoying with warm mix asphalt today. These stud- CHANCE CONTRACTING Schools, Parks, Commercial, Asphalt Repairs Servicing The Same Customers for 27 Years. Referred by Inspectors and Asphalt Suppliers Member TxAPA, HCA, BBB Available for Subcontract Work P.O. BOX 369 ELSA, TX 78543 PHONE: 956-316-8980 FAX: 956-262-3973 Serving Houston and Surrounding Areas Phone: 281-356-3076 Fax: 281-356-1863 462867_SST.indd 1 410242_Chance.indd 1 1/19/10 11:12:36 PM Texas Asphalt Magazine FALL 2010 5:30:33 PM 1/2/09 27

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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010