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pre s i d e nt ’s M ES S AG E TxAPA: Focused on Dedication to Quality By Doug Walterscheid 2010 TxAPA President taying focused and on target is sometimes hard to do in today’s economy and changing business climate. It is not uncommon for individuals and companies to be pulled in different directions, to address challenges, and lose momentum on the original goal. I am not saying that is bad, in fact for most it is just a fact of life living and working under the conditions that exist today. What I am pointing out is the positive aspect of being able to overcome unpredictable challenges and the energy it takes to stay focused and on target. That is what I see today in the asphalt paving industry. I see a deliberate drive to maintain the balance of quality and competitiveness. It is my observation that we are delivering a concerted effort and commitment to handle the challenges we encounter and still remain true to our dedication to quality. One of the reasons that leads me to this conclusion is the results of the TxDOT/TxAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards project evaluations. In each category, we had great competition with many projects having high scores refl ecting the resolute dedication to quality. Many of these projects incorporated new technology such as fractionated Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Warm Mix Asphalt. Again, this reveals our industry’s commitment to acknowledge new methods and products and adapt them to be useful cost competitive tools for quality asphalt. In total, we had 32 TxAPA member firms nominated for award consideration in 17 different TxDOT districts. On the scale, with our inadequate highway funding resulting in a reduction of projects being let, this is an incredible amount of members and districts that stayed focused on the target and delivered quality asphalt pavement projects. I want to congratulate each S of the nominees and thank them for the extra effort of being dedicated to quality. Another reason I believe our industry and Partners in Quality are staying focused is the tremendous response to our TxAPA Partners in Quality (PIQ) meetings. These meetings, held in TxDOT districts, are an excellent avenue to discuss ideas and ways we can improve on quality asphalt pavement. There is always room for continuous improvement, for all stakeholders, and these meetings prove that partnering works and good things happen when we sit down and discuss quality and any obstacles that might interfere with our focus on quality. I believe that these meetings are directly attributable to the number of projects, member firms and TxDOT districts that were nominated and recognized for quality award consideration. I want to thank each of the TxDOT districts that participate in our PIQ meetings and also those that have recently shown interest in having these meetings in their area. At TxAPA, we remain focused on our target and the dedication to quality. In an period where there tends to be so many distractions that can impede our quest for quality, I want to recognize all asphalt pavement Partners in Quality for staying the course. Keep up the good work and remember to recognize those that are exhibiting the dedication to quality. It just might be you that gets that special recognition. At TxAPA, we remain focused on our target and the dedication to quality. Please continue to allow us to be your resource for achieving quality asphalt pavement projects. ✪ Texas Asphalt Magazine FALL 2010 7

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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010
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Texas Asphalt - Fall 2010