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e xe c ut i v e v i c e pre s i de nt ’s M E S S A G E As Our Products Advance, Help Spread the Word By Harold C. Mullen TxAPA Executive Vice President here is an old joke that goes around the motorcycle crowd about a Harley r ider, Yamaha rider and a Goldwing rider, which I am one. The story goes that these three riders all work together setting steel on high rise buildings. As lunch time came one day, they grabbed their lunch boxes and sat down on a beam about 36 stories high. The Harley rider opened his box and said, “Ham and cheese sandwich; that is all I ever get for lunch is ham and cheese. I am sick of it. If I get a ham and cheese sandwich tomorrow, I am jumping off this building.” The Yamaha rider opened his box and said, “Chicken salad; that is all I ever get for lunch is chicken salad. I am sick of it. If I get chicken salad tomorrow, I am jumping off this building.” The Goldwing rider opened his box and said, “Chicken legs; that is all I ever get for lunch is chicken legs and I am sick of it. If I get chicken legs tomorrow, I am jumping off this building.” The next day at lunch, as they sat 36 stories high, the Harley rider opened his box and found a ham and cheese sandwich. He said, “That is it. I am out of here,” and jumped off the building to his demise. The Yamaha rider opened his box and shouted, “Chicken salad! That is it. I am out of here,” and jumped to his demise. The Goldwing rider opened his box and screamed, “Chicken legs! That is it. I am out of here,” and followed his two friends off the building. Being close friends, they had a joint memorial service in which the grieving widows were comparing stories in total confusion. The first widow said, “I am so confused. If my Harley rider would have just told me he was sick of ham and cheese, I would have been glad to fix something else.” The Yamaha rider’s widow exclaimed the same, “If he had only communicated that he was sick of chicken salad, I would have prepared something else.” In total bewilderment, the Goldwing rider’s widow said, “You think you are confused?! My Goldwing rider fixed his own lunch!” I hope you find the humor in that story that, in my opinion, makes several points about assumption, T communication and action. First, we should not assume that everyone knows what we know or accurately understands our message. Second, we should communicate our message to help educate others for successful results. Third, if we are in control of our own destiny and have the ability, we need to take action for favorable outcomes. I am sure you can think of several more meanings in that story, but that is three that I think are pertinent about the education and marketing of our asphalt paving products. In the last five to ten years, asphalt paving technology has changed remarkably. Great advances have been made for quality and competitiveness. We cannot assume that everyone knows about the advancement in asphalt paving. We have to reach out to partners to tell them about quality and advanced technology and environmental benefits. We need to let them know, communicate, that asphalt pavement is not only cost competitive but life cycle cost wise advantageous. Recently, we have talked to several awarding agencies that did not know or realize the advancement in our products. This just reinforces the fact that it is going to take all TxAPA members to help spread the good word. The TxAPA marketing committee chaired by Derek Angel (Century Asphalt) has developed an asphalt pavement educational toolkit to assist you in these efforts. This toolkit contains information that you can share with awarding agencies, engineers and elected officials about the benefits of your products. Once you have distributed these toolkits, TxAPA is prepared to follow up on those contacts with detailed information or seminars. Please let us know how we can be the most helpful in your local area. In addition, the committee has directed the redesign of our trade show booth and has planned for TxAPA to participate in several trade shows during the remainder of the year. By understanding that not everyone knows about the benefits of advanced asphalt pavement technology, adequately communicating that information, and taking responsible action, hopefully we can prevent a case like the ole Goldwing rider mentioned above. In the meantime, let us know how we can assist you in these efforts and watch out for those motorcycle riders! ✪ Texas Asphalt Magazine FALL 2010 9

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